Records Commission

Members will set policy regarding the development of the Records Management Program, and advise the Records Management Officer regarding its implementation. Members will need to monitor the implementation of archival and records management programs on an ongoing basis and prepare changes and improvements. In addition to providing advice on the appraisal of records for archival value and be the final sign-off entity as to what is or is not archival, they will actively support the archival and records management program and promote it among all the departments and agencies of the local government and community. Members will need to explore a regionalized records program to potentially include all municipalities, school districts and fire districts within Erie County, thereby maximizing the benefits to be derived from State funding grants. A review of retention periods proposed by the Records Management Officer for records not covered by State Archival schedule must be done. Also, members will develop a broad policy to include not only hard copy records, but also microfilm and other types of machine readable records to ensure that the program strategies are sufficient to accommodate records in electronic form which will significantly increase in the future.

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