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Alden Intermediate Classes Visit Fire Station


Alden Intermediate Classes Visit Fire Station

As part of National Fire Prevention week the Alden Fire Department invited students from the Alden Intermediate School (grades 3-5) to visit the fire station.

Two classes at a time came to the Alden Firehall for a one-hour class and demonstrations. The students first gathered to review the basic principles of fire safety and prevention such as "stop, drop and roll" if clothing catches on fire, "two ways out" of a room in your house, go to a prearranged meeting place outside your house, how to call "911" and what information to give in case of a fire or medical emergency.

The students then were shown the various apparatus the fire department uses during a fire. Students were shown the trucks, hoses and nozzles, and fire extinguishers as well as other apparatus.

Students were the given a tour of the ambulance and what the EMT's duties are beyond just taking a patient to the hospital. They learned about backboards and cervical collars and not to be afraid of them if they are injured. They also were shown demonstrations of the heart monitoring equipment, what defibrillation is, and the application of oxygen to a patient.

At the end of the class the students watched their teacher lifted in the air by the snorkel. Students watched this demonstration with interest and often yelled "higher, higher" to the operator. All students were interested, participated in the activities, and asked many excellent questions.

Firefighters from the Crittenden Fire Department the joined in the demonstrations showing how their "tanker" fire engine works and its use when no hydrants are available on a fire scene.