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August 31, 2018 From Mayor Michael Manicki Village Water: What I Hope People Learned Last Week • Your water supply is safe • It does contain minerals that make it hard but can be mitigated with a water softener • Your bill is a combined water and sewer bill. Water is 41%. Sewer is 59% • Rate: Currently $6.00. Will rise to $8.53 if we switch to ECWA • Our current rate is competitive with other municipalities including town water district when all costs are included. See the water rate comparison • We do plan to connect to ECWA as an alternate source but will not borrow money. We have applied for a grant to pay for it. • We mailed 1021 resident surveys to the same address as water/sewer bills are mailed to. 260 were returned. 66% said they wanted to retain village water either because they are happy with it or do not want to pay the increase for ECWA WATER RATE COMPARISON August 29, 2018 15,000 gallons of usage per quarter Alden rate effective 8/1/18 Village/Source Rate 3 Mon. Cost 1 Mon. Cost Alden: Wells $6.00/1000+$22 per Qtr $ 113 $ 37.66 Akron: Reservoir $8.20/1000 (2000 gal. minimum) $ 123 $ 41 E. Aurora: ECWA $4.06/1000 gal.+$56 Debt and O&M $ 117 $ 39 Springville: Wells $3.00/1000+$28 O&M per month $ 129 $ 43 Town of Alden Exchange St. Water Dist. ECWA Charges $3.17/1000+$19.65 O&M per Qtr $ 67.20 $ 22.40 Ave. Town Charges* $ 261.25 $ 87.08 Total Water Cost $ 328.45 $109.48 *Town charges include water district debt service, maintenance and hydrant fees charged on the customer’s property tax bill. Does not include ECWA and contractor fees to tap in to the system.