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Village Residents:

November 5, 2018. You recently received a mailer from Trustee Robert Overhoff in regard to the water survey which was recently sent out. Some additional information needs to be provided. In one and a half years as chairman of the water committee, Mr. Overhoff has never visited the village water production facilities. He admits that he does not understand the water budget or its finances. He has been told several times that the savings he cites cannot be used for any purpose other than water and that they have been included in the calculation of the cost for purchasing water from Erie County Water Authority. As to the quality of our water, Mr. Overhoff likes to take a sentence here and there from several reports and work them into his assertion that there is something wrong with our water supply. Ask yourself this: would the Health Department allow us to use it if there were any public health issues? In fact, several weeks ago, they conducted random, unannounced testing in the village and found no issues. I have also given Mr. Overhoff the water report from ECWA. The information in it is almost word for word the same as that which he cites in the village report. The rest of the Trustees and I have been very open about our water supply and we have offered to meet with any resident who has questions. There is no hidden agenda. If you wish to do your own research, our 2017 water quality report and the results of the independent engineering study on village water and alternate sources are available on the village website. The ECWA quality report is available on their site. Please return your survey. We want your input. But don’t make your decision based on false fears about the safety of our current water supply. Mayor Michael Manicki