April 2016


April 6, 2016                                                                         

Attending Members: Bev Lawler, Karen Menza, Elaine Watson, Susan Berner, Christy Widman, Lacie Dombkiewicz, Dr. Roger Forden, Pam Harms, Chris Hayes, Kyle Hennicke, Gia Dublino, Paul Ricciardi, Kalene Pencek, Cheryl Melbrod, Molly Ortolani, Renee Nealy Donna Morris, Leo McGorry, Colette Kogut, Cheryl Mills,

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Minutes from February 3, 2016 mtg. were approved by #1 Karen Menza and #2 by Colette Kogut.  March meeting was cancelled. 


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WNYPAC and WNYAIC Collaborative Agenda Items


  • Facebook Page Updates:   made by Bev and K. Szymanski.  A video detailing what vaccines are needed for adults was added.  Need correct address to get to the Facebook page. 
  • Attendance Roster:  Bev is working on an updated attendance roster with phone numbers of members.
    • 2016 Immunization Conference- 5/19/2016:  Dr. Raymond Strikas will be speaking from the CDC, instead of Donna Weaver.   Members reminded to submit their registration, even if working. A volunteer sign-up list was distributed.   Agenda completed and will be available on card stock. 
    • Karen M. will take care of obtaining pens and paper for the tables. Seating will most likely be round tables and Bev still working out details for the 2 screens for best sightlines for the participants. The Greek Buffet will be the same as last year, with the addition of yogurt.  Bev is preparing the evaluation forms.  Raffles will be bottles of wine and Andy Marso books w lunch bags, etc.  Sue Berner volunteered to get the wine (6 bottles) and Bev will purchase Watson’s Chocolates for the speaker gifts.   Bev has ordered the updated Adult Immunization Trifold and flip cards for Pneumococcal vaccination, as handouts. 
    • Business Cards:  K. Menza passed out 2 drafts of a WNYPAC coalition business card for review.   1 of the card styles was approved with recommendation to take off “members include” statement on back of card. 


  • Roswell Park HPV update- C. Widman reported that they are working on manuscripts from former grant and waiting approval for a new HPV grant.
  • Ask the Trainer Webinars - Sign up on the health.ny.gov website- dates have been announced.
  • CDC State Vaccine Champion Award:  Bev announced that Dr. Colleen Mattimore was chosen to receive the CDC 2016 Childhood Vaccine Champion Award for New York State.  Bev wrote the nomination, on behalf of WNYPAC.  The official announcement will be 4/16/16-4/23/2016 during National Immunization week.
  • New York State Immunization Conference Update: was held on March 22-23, 2016 in Troy, NY.    Bev reviewed highlights of the conference.  The first day was the Consortia and County highlights, with the focus on clarifying the VFA program.  The new NYS School requirements for 2016-2017 were reviewed on the second day.  The required Meningococcal vaccine for entry into 7th and 12 grades were clarified.  Meningococcal B vaccine is not a NYS mandate.   It is a Category B recommendation due to the cost/benefit ration. 
  • Dr. Marshall did a webinar recently on this topic.  Both Meningococcal vaccine and Meningococcal B vaccine are ACIP recommendations.  Insurance companies must cover ACIP recommendations for children
  • National Infant Immunization Week update- NIIW is 4/16/16-4/23/2016.  K. Szymanski will be putting this information on our Facebook page.
  • Coalition Survey:  Bev emailed out a survey to all coalition members that can be emailed back to her.  Only 3 surveys returned.  She will send out again to members. 

  Vaccine News:

  • Bev passed around an article from the New York Law Journal which announced that the courts have upheld the mandatory face mask requirement for unvaccinated Healthcare workers, as part of NYS Public Health law.   The NYS weekly Influenza report still categorizes the flu as widespread in NYS.
  • Vaccinate your Family:  has an excellent resource page- it used to be named “Every Child by Two”.
  • March, 2016 issue of Needle Tips is now available online
  • Meningococcal Slide deck:  available at www.Give2MCV4.org
  • Bev passed around a news article on “Winning the Vaccination War in California
  • Voices for Vaccines:  now has adult coloring pages
  • CDC has issued new guidelines for packing vaccines for transport during emergencies, recommending usage of  frozen water bottles
  • A  Mumps outbreak has occurred at Harvard, in Boston, MA. 
  • 3/31/16- New VIS for Gardasil-9 was published.
  • NYSIIS and Vaccine Returns and Wastage-new guidelines targeted for May, 2016.  Training modules will be announced. 
  • Webinars:

-          National Infant Immunization Week update- NIIW is 4/16-4/23

-          Voices for Vaccine call- was 3/17/16

-          Voices for Immunocompromised Adults:  by NFID- 4/5/16

-          Shingles Vaccines:  What you Need to know :  by NFID- 5/3/16

-          Travel Vaccines:  Know Before You Go: by NFID- 6/1/16

*Sign up and register online for these National Foundation of Infectious Diseases(NFID) webinars on the NFID website


Renee Nealy gave the NYSDOH report.   No mumps cases ever confirmed at UB during their recent investigation.  There have been sporadic cases of Hepatitis A in Chautauqua, Erie and Niagara counties.  There was a HIB type B meningitis reported in an Amish child.  1 Pediatric death occurred in February, 2016.  The flu mask requirement for HCW’s still in effect, as flu activity is still widespread.  New guidelines for Daycare audits available.  2014-2015 data reports are forthcoming.  VFC vaccine returns and wastage guidelines go in effect in May, 2016.  4th quarter AFIX reports are due 4/30/16. 


No representative in attendance.  No Report.

 Pharmacy rep absent.  No report.



Erie County: K. Menza introduced their new Immunization program nurse-Gia Dublino.   Erie County significantly dropped amount of flu vaccinations ordered due to EC Corrections ordering their own this year. 

Niagara County:  B. Lawler updated the group on Niagara counties HPV grant.  Their HPV kick off dinner for providers and stakeholders will be 4/20/16 at the Niagara Casino. 120 people have been invited. The Stakeholders group consists of a dentist, NYSDOH rep, private providers, OB GYN doctors, Cancer prevention rep, NACHHO rep, etc.   Niagara county continues to be very busy with their travel vaccine clinics, including the administration of Yellow fever vaccines.  

Wyoming County: No report

Orleans County: C. Mills reported that VFA vaccine administration at the county jail has gone well and Rite Aid is partnering with their Health Department for Flu clinics.  They have been using the SAMS portal to produce immunization graphs for some of their provider practices.

Genesee County:  Closed their STD clinic at the end of March. Clients requesting these services from the health department will be referred to UMMC’s Batavia Family Care Center or WorkFit Medical.  Will be ordering VFA Meningococcal vaccine- looking toward piloting VFA vaccines at the county jail, similar to Orleans County.

 Not in attendance.  No report  



Not in attendance.  No report.



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Manufacturer Updates






Insurance companies

 Pfizer: No new updates

MedImmune:  Absent; no new updates                                                                         

Sanofi Pasteur: Influenza pre-books completed.   Yellow fever vaccine shortage remains.    

Merck:  No new updates

GSK:  Flu vaccine pre-booking finished in March and current year’s flu vaccine still in stock.  Kinrix vials are out of stack at CDC warehouse (short term).


United HealthCare Plan- Sue Berner – no new updates.

YourCare Health Plan-no new updates












Financial Update: 


Next Meeting



Current balance:  $4,248.72.  There were $720.00 in deposits from the conference registrations.


Wednesday,  May 4, 2016 at 8:30AM













Submitted and transcribed by Elaine Watson