June 2016


June 1, 2016


Attending Members: Bev Lawler, Karen Menza, Elaine Watson, Scott Eden, Christy Widman, Dr. Roger Forden, Chris Hayes, Kyle Hennicke, Lynn Matuszewski, Gia Dublino, Cheryl Melbrod, Molly Ortolani, Renee Nealy, Leo McGorry, Keith Rowe, Cheryl Mills, Donna Morris, Eileen Snyder, Carolyn Tomani, Ann Correa, Cheryl Melbrod,

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Minutes from May 4th mtg. were approved by #1 Bev Lawler and #2 by Roger Forden with some minor spelling corrections.


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WNYPAC and WNYAIC Collaborative Agenda Items


  • Facebook Page Updates:  recent updates have been made.  Further informational updates from K. Szymanski are pending.  Type in www2.erie.gov/wnypac to get to WNYPAC website and avoid the Chinese writing.
  • 2016 Immunization Conference- 5/19/2016:  Approximately 150 were in attendance, including speakers and vendors. 102 evaluation forms were turned in from the recent conference. Bev shared the highlights from the evaluations.   Nurses were the majority of attendees and mostly positive input was received. The vendors did not think the Vendor gave them enough exposure to attendees. Planning for next year:

- May 18, 2017 at Samuel’s Grand Manor. Possibly request a larger room and have vendors set up their displays in the room.

 - Sound Video Solutions did a good job.  Cost was $435 and their services will be requested for next year.  Everyone agreed that 2 screens worked well.

-  Dr. Candace Robinson from the CDC was very good and will be requested for the next conference, as well as someone from the NYS vaccine department and/or NYSIIS.  Wayne County will the planning next year’s conference for the Finger Lakes and we will plan to continue to collaborate with them on shared speakers

-Possibly a  speaker who is a Meningitis or Shingle survivor

-? Try to get Paul Offit or Gary Marshall as the Key note speaker

-Have more announcements from moderator to visit vendors and their displays

  • Roswell Park HPV update- C. Widman noted that they are continuing to work on the same HPV projects.   
  • Ask the Trainer Webinars - sign up on the health.ny.gov website.  New dates:   6/23, and 7/28`
  • Business card samples:  attendees encourage to take and utilize cards


A d    Vaccine News:

  • Flu report- no longer widespread and the health care flu mask regulation has been lifted by the NYSDOH. Some flu activity is still out there and the flu vaccine does not expire until June 30th.
  • Sisters in Wisconsin were suing that their ovarian cancer was caused by the HPV vaccine. Judge has dismissed the case, as they were showing symptoms before vaccination
  • Different states having a variety of outbreaks with Mumps and Measles.  Arizona reports a varicella outbreak in a detention center. 
  • Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia has developed VaxPacHero.org- a video game for kids to learn about germs and vaccine preventable disease.  They also have a free mobile immunization app for parents called PACK.
  • May issues of Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults have good Q&A’s from Dr. Weaver and Dr. Kroger. 
  • IAC express:  CDC has a new info graphic for college students:  Don’t Let Mumps Spoil Your Fun. This is due to recent outbreaks.  There is no treatment for Mumps- only preventive vaccine.
  • Yellow fever vaccine shortage:  Must call customer service at Sanofi Pasteur to ship vaccine for patients traveling within 30 days to areas where yellow fever vaccine is required /recommended.

Other New Business

  • Bev sent updated WNYPAC website information to Immunization Action Coalition.  They are requesting our updated information for their new website.
  • ACIP meeting will be held June 22nd and 23rd.  The CDC Annual conference will be September 13th-15th.  Niagara and Erie County put in requests to attend this conference. 
  • TEXT 4baby:  Health information and support for moms and newborns up to 12 months old.    Pfizer is sponsor of this program.


  • Travel vaccines:  Know Before You Go:  June 1, 2016 (today)  by NFID
  • NYSIIS and Vaccine Returns and Wastage:  further training dates announced
  • CDC’s Pink book webinars are running from June1st-September.  Supposed to watch as part of the IAP grants.


Renee Nealy gave the NYSDOH report.   NYSDOH sent out an email on the Reminder/Recall process for meningococcal vaccine for providers.  It is a 9 step process to pull up list of those children due for Meningitis vaccine.  Karen and Bev are working with Robert Viets for the upcoming NYSACHO conference on 9/13/16 at Batavia Country Club for the Buffalo region.  DOH has put out an FAQ for the vaccine wastage and returns reports:

  • Must wait 24-48 hours for vaccine to decrement and it shouldn’t be manually done.
  • COLA awards out- and money can be used for the September CDC conference
  • August is National Immunization month.  The HPV vaccine consent process has changed via state law for those < 18 years of age, that they can receive HPV vaccination via STD clinics without parenteral consent. 


No report. No representative in attendance.


 K. Rowe reported that 2 bills are in the works.  1)  Expansion of adult vaccinations to meet ACIP requirements.  Slow progress on this bill; 2) “Pharmacy interns to vaccinate” bill doing better.  There is a big push by the students themselves.  42 other states have pharmacy interns vaccinating. 


Erie County:   Busy with AFIX visits and have done a recent presentation to school nurses on new school vaccination recommendations. 

Niagara County:  B. Lawler updated the group on Niagara counties HPV grant.  They have developed a HPV questionnaire to send out to consumers, community members, vaccine clinic providers and STD clinics.  A presentation on child and adult vaccinations to be done at the Carolyn House, which is a safe house. 

Wyoming County: No report.  K. Ruszala has been out with health issues and the group is sending her a card. 

Orleans County: C. Mills reported that the vaccine clinics have been slow; she has been working in accordance with IAP. 

Genesee County:  had meeting with Genesee County Jail to set up dates for administering VFA vaccines in jail setting.  Also plan to offer OraQuick HIV tests at the same visit. School nurses have sent out letters to parents re: the new meningitis vaccine school requirements.  Will order Migrant vaccine in June.


 E. Snyder reported that it can be a problem sending students to pharmacies for vaccinations, as not all bill insurance the same.  Important to call your Insurance company and ask what is covered by insurance


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Insurance companies

 Pfizer: Absent; no update

MedImmune:  Absent; no update                                                                      

Sanofi Pasteur:  reinforced need to call customer service for yellow fever vaccine requests.  Pentacel allocations continuing into 2nd half of the year.  No shortages.

Merck:  HPV consumer ads might be coming out for TV soon

GSK: 2 day backorder for Engerix B (Peds)


United HealthCare Plan- not in attendance

Independent Health indicates that they follow the ACIP guidelines for Zoster vaccination.  They authorize for those > 60 and rarely approve for those under 60.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield:  also follows the ACIP guidelines for Zoster vaccination.  They are doing a postcard and robo-call campaign for parents of children up to age 19 whose records show that they haven’t been full vaccinated.  Also doing follow-up phone calls and a provider newsletter. 

YourCare Health Plan-no new updates











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Next Meeting


Discussion was held re: promotion of the Shingles vaccine.  Many providers are not promoting it to older patients.  Bev recommended that the Coalition develop an FAQ on Shingles vaccine for adult providers.  Kyle Hennicke and Carolyn Tomani volunteered to work on an information sheet.



Current balance as of 6/1/2016 is $7,118.72 and awaiting 2 checks.   



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Submitted and transcribed by Elaine Watson