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Town Supervisor


Dean Adamski                                                                                                       Colleen Rogers
Supervisor, Town of Alden                                                 Deputy Supervisor
3311 Wende Rd.                                                                                                                                       3311 Wende Rd.
Alden, NY 14004                                                                                                                                   Alden, NY 14004
Email:                                                                                         Phone: (716) 937-6969 x3


On behalf of the Alden Town Board, all Town of Alden department heads and town employees, we welcome you to Town of Alden website. We hope that you continue to visit this site on a regular basis to stay informed of important issues, meetings and activities. Our website is the quickest, most efficient and economical way to communicate with Alden residents.

All Town of Alden officers and department heads perform official duties solely in the public interest and for the benefit of the town as a whole.

As supervisor I am responsible for the day-to day operations of the town, responding to the needs and concerns of our community and providing honest open government with sound practices for all matters of the town.

As your budget officer I am responsible for providing conservative financial management as a means to limit property taxes and yet provide quality services that our town requires and is accustomed to. The supervisor’s office maintains accounting, payroll, personnel and budget records.

I encourage you to attend the town board meetings and welcome your input on pressing matters in order that your elected officials may make responsible and well-informed decisions.