Robert W. Keating, Director, Budget and Management

Robert W. Keating, Director, Budget and Management

The Division of Budget and Management works to ensure that the County's budget is in balance and that it allocates its resources in a manner that is consistent with the County's priorities and with the goals and objectives of County departments.

Budget Timeline

  • January 1: County fiscal year begins
  • April: Budget Office begins producing monthly Budget Monitoring Reports
  • July: Legislature holds annual Mid-Year Budget Hearings
  • July: Budget Office begins budget preparations
  • By October 1: County Executive provides major revenues and expenses projections to Comptroller
  • By October 15: Comptroller submits report on major revenues and expenses to Legislature
  • By October 15: County Executive submits proposed budget to Legislature
  • November: Legislature reviews and conducts public hearings on proposed budget
  • December 5: Legislature holds annual budget adoption meeting and approves amended budget
  • December 17: County Executive presents budget vetoes to Legislature (if necessary)
  • December 19: Legislature holds annual veto override meeting (if necessary)
  • December 20: County budget is adopted in final form
  • December 31: County fiscal year ends

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