Pistol Permits


Locations & Hours

Buffalo Office Old County Hall- 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
                       Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Elma Town Hall: Wednesdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Plastic Permit Holders Only, Payment with Credit Card Only & Closed 1-2 for lunch

New Applicants

The Erie County Clerk's Office processes Pistol Permits for Erie County residents under terms of applicable New York State law. Following the receipt of a completed application as well as criminal & mental hygiene record checks, the approval or denial of a permit is the decision of the Erie County Supreme Court Justice who serves as the Licensing Officer.  


Existing Pistol Permit Holders

The Licensing Officer recommends that you take a “conceal carry” class from a certified instructor in addition to the mandatory safety course. The “conceal carry” class is deemed an advanced course and requires that participants have obtained a pistol permit prior to enrolling. Please note that this office is unable to recommend specific instructors.

NYS Pistol Permit Recertification

Pistol permit recertifications are mandatory pursuant to the New York State SAFE Act, and are administered by the New York State Police, NOT the Erie County Clerk.

However, the County Clerk's Office would be happy to assist: You may go to the NYS Police website at https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert and complete the online recertification or you may print the form and mail it to the NYS Police. 

Please return the completed form to:
New York State Police
Pistol Permit Bureau
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2252

NRA Certified Instructors

The Erie County Clerk's Office is looking to have better communication with its instructors in Erie County. Please register below to receive information about any changes that may be happening in our office.

NRA Instructor Registration

Pistol Office Fees

New Application $20.00
Change from Paper to Plastic   $18.00
Transfer County (see transfers details)    $8.00 & $5.00
2" x 2" Application Photo (front office) $10.00
Name Change $5.00 (Plastic) / $3.00 (Paper)   
Address Change

$5.00 (Plastic) / $3.00 (Paper)

Handgun Registration $5.00 (Plastic) / $3.00 (Paper)
Handgun Removal  $5.00 (Plastic) / $3.00 (Paper)
Pistol Permit Reissue (Plastic cards:  Lost/Stolen, Poor Condition)  $7.00

*Please Do Not Send Cash in the Mail (Check or Money Order only)