Pistol Permit Application Tracking

The Erie County Clerk's Office is now offering you the ability to get email updates on the status of your pistol permit application. If you are interested in getting these alerts please follow the instructions below.

  1. Fill out the form below.  Information submitted in the form MUST match the information you provided on your application or you will not be enrolled.
  2. Please allow at least a month after you submit this form to receive your first email.
  3. Only sign up once

The Application Process

The Application Process will follow these basic steps which will represent the email alerts you will get.  These alerts are automatically sent when an application goes from one step to the next.  You will not receive past alerts if you sign up for this service mid-process.

  1. The application is submitted by the applicant & recorded by the Erie County Clerk's Office.  It then is waiting for the designated Police department to pick it up.  (Waiting for Police Pickup)
  2. The application gets picked up by the designated Police department for investigation (With the Police)
  3. The application finishes the Police investigation and is returned to the Erie County Clerk's Office, pending pickup by the Licensing Officer for review (Waiting for the Judge Pickup)
  4. The application gets picked up by the Licensing Officer and is under review.  (With the Judge)
  5. The application gets returned to the Erie County Clerk's Office by the Licensing Officer for processing.  (With the Clerk's Office)
  6. The application letter gets created and mailed to you.  (Application Completed)
Please be patient as this process can take 6-12 Months or maybe even longer as NYS continues to make changes.  Be assured that we will continue to notify you anytime your application moves to the next step and that you do not have to call our office.  You can always check on the status of your application by referring back to the welcome email you received when tracking begins.