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Audits and Reviews Conducted: 2013

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12/13/2013: Audit of the Hotel Occupancy Tax for the Period March 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013

12/06/2013: Audit of Cashing Handling and Collection, Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry

12/03/2013: Review of Elevator Inspection and Maintenance

10/09/2013: Audit of the Gasboy Fuel Management System

07/19/2013: Audit of the DNA Backlog Reduction Program (Grant) within the Department of Central Police Services (CPS)

07/12/2013: Review Mid Year 2013 Budget

07/12/2013: Review May Sales Tax Report

06/28/2013: Review Accounting Division Completes Corrective Action Plan

06/27/2013: Review 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

06/25/2013: Audit of the Eligibility & Recertification process within the Temporary Assistance Unit of DSS

06/20/2013: Review Distribution of 2nd Quarter Sales Tax Report

06/11/2013: Review April 2013 Sales Tax

06/01/2013: Review Quality Assurance Corrective Action Plan, Division of Audit & Control

05/10/2013: Review March 2013 Sales Tax

05/02/2013: Review Cost of Proposed CSEA Contract Report

04/29/2013: Review 2013 Capital Project Borrowing & Refunding Report

04/25/2013: Review Preliminary 2012 Year End Report

04/11/2013: Review February Sales Tax Report

04/10/2013: Review First 100 Days in Office Report

03/15/2013: Review January Sales Tax Report

03/11/2013: Review of "$100,000 Club"-Positions in Erie County that received salary and benefits in excess of $100,000 in 2012

02/11/2013: Review Response to Revised Four Year Plan

02/08/2013: Review December Sales Tax Report

02/03/2013: Review of Massage and Accupuncture Bill

01/21/2013: Review of the Office of the Comptroller Accounting/Fiscal Division

01/18/2013: Quality Assurance Audit of the Division of Audit and Control

01/28/2013: Review of Purchase of 80" big screen tv, speaker system, and wall mount for Building & Grounds Dept

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