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Modified: May 17, 2021 3:08pm
Created: May 17, 2021 3:05pm

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May 17, 2021






Howard A. Zucker, M.D., J.D.

New York State Health Commissioner

Corning Tower

Empire State Plaza,

Albany, NY 12237


 Dear Commissioner Zucker:

I once again strongly encourage your assistance in working towards a collaborative solution towards opening the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York this summer, which is supposed to take place from August 11th to August 22nd.  Community support to open the Erie County Fair is very strong, considering Governor Cuomo giving the ‘green light” to open the New York State Fair in the Central New York region from August 20th to September 6th.

Since launching the online petition hundreds of people from across the country signed to express their desire to open the Erie County Fair this summer.

We absolutely, positively should open the Erie County Fair this year considering Governor Cuomo also announcing that as of Wednesday, May 19th, 2021, “New York State will adopt the Center for Disease Control’s mask and social distancing guidelines for vaccinated people.”

Source: NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, May 17th, 2021

Here are signatures and quite passionate responses to our petition to open the Erie County Fair this summer.  As a Hamburg resident, taxpayer and Erie County Comptroller I join hundreds of others in the mission to open the Erie County Fair this year. 

There are no reasons why it should not open.  Taxpayers deserve nothing less.  Mask mandates are being lifted. More people are getting vaccinated.  Listen to families across New York State and our country: open the Erie County Fair this year.  There are no excuses now to prevent families from enjoying a fun, safe and healthy Erie County Fair.

“We should have the fair. Enough already.”

-Stephen Mannion, Lancaster


“It’s time to put the masks away and open the economy.”

-Mike Lomas, Elma

“I do not accept tyranny. This is America.”

-Carol McClellan, Olean


“I feel that as long as distance is observed people are safe and life must go on. Too many people have lost jobs over this political ping pong ball.”

-Pamela Miskey, Buffalo


“NYS is corrupt and unjust. They are ruining our livelihoods and jobs by robbing what’s rightfully ours. We the people can decide the government no longer serves our needs. We run NY. They don’t run us. We need to do everything it takes to fight these unjust mandates and restrictions on our lives.”

-Miranda Santa Lucia, East Amherst


“Time to open NY. People can make their own choices.”

-Timothy Walton, Buffalo



-Frank Kolbmann, Holland

“My kids want to go to the fair again.”

-Michael Caputo, East Aurora


“I'm m signing because… Enough of this abuse and restrictions.”

-Irene Trzybinski, Marilla


“I’m signing this petition because at some point the risk of living has to be above the fear of dying.”

-Jessica Domogala, Hamburg


“Vaccines are up, cases and deaths are down. If Syracuse can have the state fair, then we can have their Erie County Fair.”

-Erich LeRoy, Marilla


“Because it's time to stop this nonsense. Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze. Stay home if you want.”

-James Deuro, Sanborn


“We live in the United States of America.”

-Jackie Garcia, Blasdell


“I was born and raised in Buffalo. The Erie County Fair should be enjoyed by all generations and it is their right to do so.”

-Jason Vrooman, Rock Hill


“Even the CDC has started admitting outdoor spread is not an issue and just this week we found out they manipulated the data to show it was happening at all. Stop this nonsense and let outdoor activities open back up.”

-Jason Sears, Williamsville


“It’s time to open NY! Cuomo said, “once we have a vaccine we can reopen.” We have 3 vaccines. Cuomo is a liar and a thief it is time to take the power back from the corrupt Albany politicians!”

-Don Campagana, Akron


“I feel this is blown out of proportion and is just a political scare tactic.”

-Pamela Pelechaty, Derby


“Blue run States, Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages are ruining the very lives of every American citizen. The Erie County Fair is a tradition that drives the local economy. It is a place of enjoyment and commerce. We cannot let C-19 keep us in "the new normal". We deserve the old normal. KEEP THE ERIE COUNTY FAIR!”

-Mike Woj, Grand Island


“Things need to get back to normal! If you are afraid STAY home! Looking forward to a normal summer filled with fun events!”

-Cherice McHale, Lancaster


“If Syracuse can have one so can Buffalo!”

-Amanda Miller, Hamburg


“The Erie County Fair is a source of local pride & history; one of the oldest continuous county fairs in America. It is imperative healthy traditions such the annual celebration the Fair brings to our community be preserved and upheld.”

-Beth Hoskins, East Aurora


“I want the Hamburg Fair to open.”

-Patricia Refermat, Hamburg


“I want our Freedom back!”

-Bernie Sulzbach, Cheektowaga


“We need our freedom back.”

-Joseph Miller, Depew


“Western New Yorkers should not be subject to the tyrannical rule of Mark Poloncarz and co.”

-Andrew Vincek, Amherst


“There's no reason we can't have our fair back....”

-Jennifer Young, Warsaw


“Love the fair and miss it, enough is enough already, people are walking into our country and we are worried about the fair, c'mon man!”

-Daniel Kaminski, Hamburg


“It’s time for us to get back to normal. We cannot live in a bubble the rest of our lives. Have the fair....and if you’re afraid to go then stay home.”

-Lori Farszmill, Williamsville


“I'm sick and tired of these tyrannical politicians.”

-Rich Bigos, Cheektowaga

“I want my fair back!!!”

-Gordon Solderholm, Orchard Park


“I am tired of politicians dictating everything in my life while they freely carry on with theirs. They are drunk with power and I have had enough. Our lives have been on hold long enough, we have complied with every regulation they have shoved down our throat. Enough is enough. I'm tired of these OVERPAID idiots running my life. It's sickening that they are overpaid with OUR money!”

-Elizabeth Jarmusz, South Buffalo


“The people of NY and in Erie County can make their own decisions about their healthcare. The governor’s arbitrary decisions this entire year have profoundly hurt the people of our state and his power should be immediately revoked.”

-Mary Haseltine, Lancaster


“Open NYS!”

-Bailey Giambelluca, Collins


“I agree. Stop the picking and choosing of what can go on and what can't.”

-Linda Haley, Blasdell


“This is ridiculous!!!! The state fair is opening ... undocumented people pouring in and he’s worried about “carnies”!! What a moron!! Stop this insanity!! This used to be a free country!! If people are afraid to go, they can stay home!!! Open us up! Enough economic damage has been done!!!”

-Bracco Debra, Angola


“This is absolutely absurd. If you are vaccinated, you are protected from Covid. Why ruin our local economy again for this virus? Mark Poloncarz is ridiculous. Save the Fair. If the state fair can go on so can the county one.”

-Christy Nowak, Holland


“I am not afraid!”

-Jill Cook, Lake View


“This is absolutely ridiculous 14 months of being locked down like prison. Enough is enough. Let's have the Erie County Fair back!”

-Theresa Gilbert, Buffalo


“The fair is a huge part of the end of summer and the tradition needs to continue!”

-Andrew Metzloff, South Buffalo


“Save Our Fair!”

-Maria Arnold, West Seneca



“NYS and Erie County continue to cripple our economy all in the name of "safety.” But they have been regulating and taxing for years, driving families and businesses out of the area. Enough is enough.”

-Lisa Thrun, Clarence


“If people are vaccinated/unvaccinated and are wearing masks, they should be able to attend an event that is 80% outdoors. If there are people who still aren’t comfortable, they don’t have to attend. But let the people who make their living at these events thrive and let others start enjoying their lives again.”

-Amy Owczarczak, Lackawanna


“The government is out of control.”

Meagan Kuhn, Springville


“I want the Erie County Fair open.”

Cathleen Ross, Buffalo


“This has nothing to do with our health & well-being, this is a continued power grab & more control. He needs to be kicked out of office along with Il Duce Cuomo!”

-Christie Waterman, Eden


“I am from West Seneca, and even though I live in Florida now, I come up at least once a year and I enjoy coming up for the fair.”

-Matthew O’Neil, Clearwater, Florida


“I'm signing this because it’s time to get back to normal and enjoy life.  We all need this. If you don't agree, stay home Thank You.”

-Wayne Stewart, Lancaster

“I grew up in WNY. The fair is one of the best things about summer back home.”

-Elizabeth Meir, Connellsville, PA

“There's no reason to miss out again. Hundreds can shop in Target, Walmart and Wegmans with no distancing.”

-Lisa Gromek, Williamsville


“If the State Fair is able to open then so should the Erie County Fair!”

-Douglas Horn, Lancaster

“It’s WAY past time to get life back to normal. People NEED to get out and have fun again.”

-Sue Kempf, Lancaster


“This state cannot take any more limitations, mandates, restrictions and draconian orders from the democrat powers that be. We need to get open and get back to whatever form of normalcy might be left. If people want to get the jab and wear a mask, then let them. Just as those who don’t, shouldn't. LET US DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. OPEN UP NEW YORK STATE DAMMIT!!!”

-Judi Angle, Hamburg


“We the people are fed up!”

-Kim Dils, Derby


“I’m signing because I believe that the Erie County fair should take place in 2021.”

-Fran Osborne, Marilla

“There is no reason we should not have the fair. We are living in a police state and it is out of control.”

-Jennifer Starbuck, Cheektowaga


“There is no reason to cancel the Erie County Fair.”

-K.M. Jones, Cheektowaga


“Our County Fair must go on!!! Most of Erie County has their covid vaccines.”

-Pat Mustillo, West Seneca


“Enough is Enough already!!!”

-Jamie Ertel, Depew


“I love the fair!”

-Joe Florea, West Seneca


“This ridiculous crap needs to stop! What good is the vaccination if New York is going to continue with this nonsense?? Time to get rid of the Cuomo clown and get back to normal!”

-Kathy Brem, Marilla 


“It should be open WITHOUT restrictions. The CDC even admits there is no evidence of the spread of covid outdoors, that it was "highly exaggerated.”

-Traci Sliwinski   , Hamburg          


“We NEED the fair! It's been too long.”

-June Queeno, Buffalo


“Open up our state! Enough is enough”

-Michelle Claus, Lackawanna      


“I’m so sick and tired of hearing about COVID, vaccinations & what we are doing wrong as a county. Shut up you leftists and open our economy. The fair is a staple to the area, and we can make our own darn health choices.”

-Nicole Celano   , Grand island    


“There is no reason that we can’t attend the Erie County Fair this year. Open the Fair.”

-Chris Yax, West Seneca


“I would like to be able to get back to some normalcy.”

-Jane Cooper, Buffalo



“Common sense should prevail.”

-Patrick Herbert, West Seneca


“I am a 12-day everyday fair going, need normal activities. Humans are social people we need people to survive.”

-Cindy Nitzer, West Seneca         


“I'm signing because we need to get back to living our lives, getting the local economy back on track, and to give us something to look forward to.”

-Michele Sullivan, Holland                           


“The fair is outdoors.! Let’s go!!!!”

-Sandra DeSimone, West Seneca


“I’m signing because this political warfare is getting OLD!”

-Nicole Kavanaugh, Silver Creek


The Fair is important, and Cuomo is not a dictator.           

-Jennifer Lead, East Bethany


“We need to open the state!!”

-Theresa Geiger, Clarence


“I want to attend the fair.”

-Melody Wojcik, Cheektowaga


“Enough is enough!”

-Amber May, Tonawanda            


“No reason for the fair to be cancelled. More things need to be open with less restrictions.”

-Vincent Blasio, Hamburg            


“We need to open everything up! Our civil liberties have been taken far too long. There is absolutely no reason why any events should be canceled.”

-Terry Lush, Cheektowaga


“I enjoy entering my art projects in competition and seeing everyone else’s entries. I look forward to visiting the fair with my friends, eating the food, watching the shows. Most of all I want to get back to normal life.”

-Barbara Ball, Fredonia


“The fair is a tradition, if the State Fair can happen there is no logical or scientific reason why county fairs all over the state shouldn't be happening.”

-Susan Blum, Williamsville


“I'm signing because Mark Poloncarz should have the power to cancel because he doesn't want to go or because of "carnies". This is a free country and if we want to go, we should be allowed to make that choice for ourselves. Mark Poloncarz should never have that kind of power.”

-Grace Dudek, Orchard Park


“I have gone for over 50 years until last year, and it makes the summer in Erie County memorable, with food, concerts, people watching, animals and all the other events that it has.”

-Everett Caci, Williamsville           


“The overreach needs to end now, and we need to continue living life to the fullest, not in fear.”

-Jennifer Elrod, North Tonawanda


Thank you very much for your consideration and support to open the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York this year. 


Hon. Stefan I. Mychajliw





CC: Ms. Jessica Underberg, Erie County Fair CEO and Manager

Dr. Gale Burstein, Commissioner of Erie County Department of Health

Hon. James Shaw, Town of Hamburg Supervisor


For pdf of letter, click here