Enhanced 9-1-1

Lisa Sears, Deputy Director Law Enforcement Communications
(716) 858-2907

Law Enforcement Communications (E - 9 1 1)

The Law Enforcement Communications Division supports an immediate response to emergency calls received through the E911 system. With Erie County's Enhanced 911 services, CPS established on-going support through 16 primary 911 Public Safety Answering Points and 5 secondary Public Safety Answering Points currently serving approximately one million people.

In addition to its other responsibilities, this division also maintains the Enhanced 911 database, completing the additions and changes as reported to the E911 Address Verifier. Cross comparison is performed on the entire record system twice a year to maintain quality control of the data contained within the address file.

Addresses used in the system are generated by this database. As the information is added to the database, any call received from a land line telephone that is supported by Verizon, will generate the name, address and phone number of the caller. This information is automatically displayed on a terminal at the call taker's desk.

Central Police Services Communications Division personnel staff the E911 Center at the Erie County Public Safety Campus located in Buffalo. Call takers process approximately 900,000 emergency and non-emergency calls per year.

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