The District Attorney’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants that reflect the diversity of our community. Because we are a community-oriented office, assistant district attorneys become actively involved in our crime prevention and community outreach programs.

There are no openings at this time. 


Senior Chief, Confidential Criminal Investigator

Chief Confidential Criminal Investigator

Confidential Criminal Investigator

Confidential Criminal Investigator Task Force

Resumes are always being accepted for the Investigator positions.  To apply for any of the above positions please e-mail your resume to DAinvestigators@erie.gov or mail your resume to:

Hiring Manager
Erie County District Attorney's Office
25 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, New York 14202


The Erie County District Attorney's Office employs a number of staff that supports the operation and mission of the office. Positions include but are not limited to: Paralegal, Legal Secretary, Data Entry Operator, Social Workers and Victim Advocate.

All positions in this area follow the New York State Civil Service hiring procedures. For a list of available positions and necessary requirements, please refer to the Erie County Personnel "Employment Opportunities" page at the following link. http://www.erie.gov/employment/