Holding Center Deputies Exonerated as Fibbing Felon Brought to Justice

Modified: October 21, 2013 10:11am


Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III announced that 23 year-old Sherron Grant of Glenwood Drive, in the City of Buffalo, pleaded guilty as charged to Assault in the Second Degree, Attempted Assault in the Second Degree, and Filing a False Sworn Statement in the Second Degree, before Erie County Court Judge Kenneth Case. These are the highest charges for which the defendant could have been convicted had she gone to trial. The convictions stem from multiple felony charges committed against Erie County Sherriff Deputies since Grant’s January 2013 placement at the Erie County Holding Center.

In January 2013, Grant entered the Erie County Holding Center in connection with assault charges while a “patient” at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center (Grant was convicted of strangling a BPC staff member and sentenced to 8 months in jail in April of this year). Since Grant’s incarceration at the Erie County Holding Center, she has attacked four different Deputies, resulting in one Deputy having reconstructive knee surgery; she has filed false statements alleging multiple sexual assaults by Deputies; and, she has repeatedly damaged her holding cell. Due to the need for around-the-clock observation, hospital treatment for injured Deputies, and the replacement of property she has damaged, Ms. Grant’s antics have cost Erie County taxpayers hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

Grant is no stranger to the criminal justice system. Grant has been arrested eleven times over the last seven years for assaults and/or falsely reporting crimes. Although Grant has been hospitalized at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, multiple forensic examiners had concluded that she does not suffer from a major mental disorder (anti-social behavior and pathological lying, although not desirable attributes, are not considered to be major mental disorders). Grant claimed that boredom at the Holding Center caused her to act out and, in a shocking revelation, that getting Deputies fired from their jobs motivated her to falsely allege that she was sexually assaulted by them.

The case was successfully prosecuted by ADA Sara Ogden. DA Sedita added: “The principal duty of a prosecutor is to pursue justice, which means the exoneration of the innocent as well as the conviction of the guilty. Because of ADA Ogden’s dogged pursuit of justice, those who were wrongfully accused have been vindicated, while the guilty party has been successfully prosecuted.”

Grant faces a maximum of 11 years imprisonment when she is sentenced by Judge Case on October 17, 2013, at 2pm.