Narcotics Bureau

Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn has established a Narcotics Bureau within the Office of the Erie County District Attorney as part of his commitment to help combat the growing heroin epidemic. 

During the past few years, Erie County has witnessed a disturbing rise in opioid addiction and overdose deaths and the Erie County District Attorney’s Office will engage in an aggressive, multifaceted approach to combat this growing public safety and public health pandemic. 

The Erie County District Attorney’s new Narcotics Bureau, led by Chief Paul J. Williams, III, will approach the County’s heroin epidemic on two primary fronts – through treatment and enforcement.


The DA will continue to support the local Drug Treatment Courts and the Veterans’ Court in Buffalo, which operate within the criminal justice system to engage low-level non-violent offenders in long-term treatment programs and to thereby return them successfully as contributing members of their families and the community.


The DA will reach out to partners in law enforcement to continue to aggressively prosecute drug dealers within the bounds of the law, and bring more dealers to justice. Under the new Narcotics Bureau, DA Flynn intends to collaborate with other State and Federal partners to identify and disrupt the sources of these deadly drugs into Erie County. A key mission of the bureau will be to not just look at individual dealers, but to work at rooting out the sources of the supply through long-term investigations.