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11/30/2022 Former Dog Daycare Worker to Serve Jail Time for Fatally Beating Small Dog Under His Care
11/30/2022 Cattaraugus County Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder for Stabbing His Girlfriend in the Town of Collins
11/29/2022 Irving Man Arraigned for Violating Order of Protection, Harassing and Stalking Victims Through Social Media
11/29/2022 Former Canisius Basketball Recruit Pleads Guilty to Attempted Possession of Illegal Guns
11/29/2022 Rochester Man Pleads Guilty to Felony for Attempted Possession of Illegal Handgun at Anti-Gun Violence Rally
11/29/2022 Inmate Pleads Guilty for Attempting to Assault Jail Deputy Inside Erie County Holding Center
11/28/2022 Broome County Teen Pleads Guilty for Killing Ten Victims and Attempting to Kill Three Others in Racially-Motivated Rampage Shooting at Buffalo Grocery Store
11/23/2022 South Buffalo Corner Store Clerk Pleads Guilty to Felony for Misuse of Food Stamp Cards
11/22/2022 Off-Duty Customs and Border Protection Officer Arraigned for Menacing Victim with Handgun
11/22/2022 Off-Duty Buffalo Police Officer Arraigned on Misdemeanor for Leaving Loaded Handgun Inside Returned Rental Car
11/22/2022 Teen Indicted for Recklessly Killing Four Passengers By Crashing Stolen Vehicle on Kensington Expressway
11/16/2022 Teen Indicted on Robbery and Kidnapping Charges for Two Separate Carjacking-Related Crimes in Cheektowaga
11/16/2022 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder for Shooting Victims Outside Downtown Restaurant
11/16/2022 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charge for Fatally Stabbing Girlfriend During Domestic Violence Incident
11/15/2022 West Seneca Man Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Child
11/14/2022 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter for Killing Bicyclist While Driving High on Cannabis
11/14/2022 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Gun Charges
11/10/2022 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Killing Teenager in Reckless Shooting Inside His Fisher Street Home
11/10/2022 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced After Investigation Found Cocaine Inside of His Vehicle
11/9/2022 Inmate Indicted for Assaulting His Defense Attorney Inside Erie County Correctional Facility
11/9/2022 Defendant Pleads Guilty Ahead of Trial to All Charges for Two Separate Crimes Committed on the Same Day
11/9/2022 Home Improvement Contractor Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge for Defrauding Seven Customers
11/7/2022 Buffalo Man to Serve Prison Sentence for Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Child
11/3/2022 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges While Death of Her Grandmother Remains Under Investigation
11/3/2022 Intoxicated Driver Sentenced for Causing Fatal Crash in City's Seneca Babcock Neighborhood
11/3/2022 Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter for His Involvement in Fatal Assault in City's Broadway-Bailey Neighborhood
11/3/2022 Buffalo Firefighter Arraigned for Possession of Child Porn
11/3/2022 Buffalo Woman Indicted for Fatally Shooting Another Woman in City's Lasalle Neighborhood
11/1/2022 Hamburg Man Sentenced for Endangering the Welfare of Two Children
10/31/2022 East Aurora Man to Serve Jail Time for Assaulting Trooper During Driving While Intoxicated Arrest in Colden
10/28/2022 Co-Defendant Sentenced for Stealing Merchandise from Home Improvement Stores
10/28/2022 Orchard Park Man Arraigned for Possession of Illegal Gun and Fleeing in Stolen Dump Truck
10/28/2022 Teen Arraigned on Stolen Vehicle Charges as Kensington Expressway Fatal Crash Remains Under Investigation
10/28/2022 Teen Pleads Guilty for Bringing Loaded Handgun Inside Bennett Community School Campus
10/26/2022 Gunman Sentenced for Injuring Two People in Shooting Outside Pearl Street Restaurant
10/26/2022 Former Buffalo Police Officer Sentenced for Off-Duty Domestic Violence Incidents
10/25/2022 Scammer to Serve Jail Time for Defrauding Bank Through Unauthorized Transactions at Restaurant and Retailers
10/25/2022 Defendant Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder in Hopkins Street Shooting and Possession of Illegal Gun in Separate Incident
10/25/2022 Accused Drunk Driver Arraigned on Felony Vehicular Assault Charge for Hitting Two Pedestrians
10/24/2022 Three Charged for Possession of Illegal Guns After Teen "Red Flagged" for Social Media Threat Toward Hutch Tech
10/24/2022 Coach Ordered to Perform Community Service for Stealing $15,000 from Clarence Youth Baseball Team Account
10/24/2022 Defendant Sentenced for Fatally Stabbing Victim Inside Kilhoffer Street Apartment
10/21/2022 Drunk Driver Sentenced for Killing Teenage Passenger in Crash in Town of Cheektowaga
10/21/2022 Buffalo Woman to Serve Prison Sentence for Attacking Family Member Inside West Side Home
10/21/2022 West Seneca Man and Off-Duty Police Officer Arraigned for Possession of Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Cards
10/21/2022 Cheektowaga Man Indicted for Murdering His Estranged Wife After Domestic Violence Arrest
10/20/2022 Buffalo Man to Serve 20 Years in Prison for Assaulting Elderly Family Member and Violating Order of Protection
10/19/2022 Felon Sentenced for Possession of Illegal Guns
10/19/2022 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Felony Animal Cruelty Charges for Killing One Puppy and Injuring Another
10/19/2022 Defendant Indicted for Crashing into Parked Vehicles with Stolen Buffalo Fire Department Truck
10/19/2022 Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty for Attacks on Three Women
10/18/2022 Erie County DA Seeks Input from Victims Ahead of Parole Board Review for Former Williamsville Jeweler
10/18/2022 Erie County DA Seeks Input from Victims Ahead of Parole Board Review for Former Williamsville Jeweler
10/17/2022 Doctor Indicted for Sexually Abusing Two Female Patients
10/13/2022 Ohio Man Sentenced on Gun Charges
10/13/2022 Defendant Pleads Guilty for Fatally Shooting Victim on Halloween in City's Kensington-Bailey Neighborhood
10/12/2022 Landlord Arraigned for Exposing Tenant to Unsafe Levels of Lead in Violation of County Health Department Order
10/12/2022 Cheektowaga Man Arraigned for Killing His Estranged Wife After Domestic Violence Arrest
10/11/2022 Jury Finds Defendant Guilty of Murder in Cold Case Homicide
10/11/2022 Retired Detective Sentenced for Using Forged Document in Attempt to Obtain Vehicle Impounded by Police
10/11/2022 Buffalo Man Indicted for Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend and Fatally Beating Her Boyfriend on Berkshire Avenue
10/11/2022 Eden Man Arraigned for Menacing Victim and Violating Order of Protection
10/11/2022 Juvenile Offender Pleads Guilty to Murder for Killing Teenage Girl in Double Shooting on Koons Avenue
10/7/2022 Suspended West Seneca Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges in Scheme to Defraud Retail Stores
10/7/2022 Judge Finds Parolee Guilty of Possession of an Illegal Gun
10/7/2022 Blasdell Man Pleads Guilty to Arson Charges for Setting Small Fires Inside Town of Hamburg Church
10/6/2022 Jury Finds Teen Guilty of Murder in Death of Lockport Man Shot During Robbery in City's Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood
10/6/2022 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatally Shooting Victim in City's Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood
10/4/2022 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Burglarizing Delaware Avenue Apartment with Female Tenant Inside
10/4/2022 Teen Indicted for Stabbing Another Student Inside Buffalo Culinary Arts School
10/3/2022 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty of Assault
10/3/2022 Hamburg Woman Arraigned for Stealing Funds from Youth Hockey Team