Opiate Epidemic

 After taking office, District Attorney Flynn went right to work addressing the rising number of opiate overdose deaths gripping the community by focusing on getting treatment for the addicted and aggressively prosecuting the dealers selling the dangerous mix of heroin and fentanyl. 

John began by joining Buffalo City Court on the nation's first Opiate Intervention Court that screens those arrested for the addiction and immediately gets them on a path to recovery. 

In the effort to bring more dealers to justice, John added an additional Assistant District Attorney to the office’s Narcotics Bureau.

The Office has also indicted his administration's first opiate-related homicide case against a Town of Tonawanda man who has now admitted providing opiate pills to a woman that resulted in her death.

“We will continue to take a hard line against drug dealers who peddle this poison,” says DA Flynn. “Our office is committed to cracking down on those who are contributing to the opiate epidemic.”

Erie County has set up a 24/7 Addictions Treatment Hotline that provides those struggling with any drug addiction and their loved ones access to services and support. Please call 716.831.7007.

More help can also be found here.