Pack of Predators Pleads Guilty

Modified: August 23, 2013 1:19pm


Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced that 17 year old Antonay Davis (684 Walden Avenue, Buffalo), 16 year old Antonisha Davis (684 Walden Avenue, Buffalo), 17 Markeya Hunley (125 St. Joseph St., Buffalo), 15 year old Sh’Tara Homes (125 St. Joseph Street, Buffalo), and 20 year old D’Anthony Barron (155 Hazelwood, Buffalo), all pleaded guilty, as charged, to Robbery in the Second Degree before Erie County Court Judge Sheila A. DiTullio.  Robbery in the 2nd Degree is the highest charge for which all the defendants could have been convicted had they gone to trial.

On August 12, 2012, on Godfrey Street in Buffalo, the defendants travelled in a vehicle driven by D’Anthony Barron. While Baron acted as the wheelman, Antonay Davis, Antonisha Davis, Markeya Hunley, and Sh’Tara Homes leapt from the vehicle, surrounded the victim and attacked her.  The defendants stole the victim’s purse, her mobile telephone, and even her shoes after repeatedly punching and kicking her. The assailants then fled with D’Anthony Barron still at the wheel.  

Assistant District Attorney Paul Parisi, a member of DA Sedita’s Tactical Prosecution Unit, successfully prosecuted the case. Antonisha Davis and Sh’Tara Homes are juvenile offenders and face a maximum prison sentence of 7 years.  Antonay Davis, Markeya Hunley and D’Anthony Barron are adults and face a maximum prison sentence of up to 15 years each.  Antonay and Antonisha Davis will be sentenced on August 29, 2013; Baron will be sentenced on September 5, 2013; and, Hunley and Homes will be sentenced on September 24, 2013.