DA's Office Lauded For Recovering Money Lost To Unemployment Fraud

Modified: February 2, 2017 2:44pm

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NYS Department of Labor presented the DA’s Office, specifically ADAs Gary M. Ertel and Holly P. Tucker, an Award of Merit for dedication, commitment and success in prosecuting unemployment insurance fraud. 

Last year, the Erie County DA’s Office recovered $363,195.83 in illegally obtained unemployment money.  

This puts the county among the top three in the state for restitution.

“I am proud of my staff for their hard work in preserving unemployment benefits for those who truly deserve them,” says DA Flynn. “When you cheat the state, you cheat every law-abiding taxpayer in New York.”

Unemployment fraud is the most rampant crime against state revenue.

Also acknowledged: Confidential Criminal Investigators Michael Nigrelli and Anthony Costantino and Debra J. Braunschweig, Economic Crimes Analyst for the DA's Office.