Erie County Bureau of Fleet Services

The Bureau of Fleet Services provides support services for County departments. The provision of such services by one division permits the County to benefit from both economies of scale and the elimination of duplicated activities. The functions provided by the Bureau of Fleet Services include equipment acquisition, deployment, disposal, maintenance, facilities management, inventory control and administration. Fleet Services also has full responsibility of all fuel purchasing for all County departments along with the required DEC reporting.

The Bureau of Fleet Service's mission statement is to monitor motor vehicle maintenance and repair requirements, service procedures and scheduling. To oversee the distribution and usage of vehicles in the County's vehicle pool. To track and record vehicle operating expense per mile to determine maximum vehicle usage at minimum expense to the County. To oversee the distribution and usage of fuel in the County fleet along with full control of all ordering. Update the County fleet as an ongoing product of the review of operating expenses per mile.


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Vehicle Information Handbook


Rath Building

14th Floor Rm 1400
Buffalo, NY 14202


Phone: (716) 858-8300
Fax: (716) 858-8303

Erie County Department of Public Works
Edward A Rath County Office Building
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