The mission of Help Network is to assist families, caregivers, and other community members to successfully identify and address situations related to an at-risk older driver.

The Help Network:

  • supplies information about available services to assist caregivers, such as driver evaluation programs
  • addresses challenging family situations involving at-risk older drivers
  • works to identify and remove barriers to accessing services
  • advocates for public policy changes

"It's not the age of the driver that's of concern - it's how that driver functions on the road."

What's Happening in Older Driver Family Assistance Help Network

A driver’s license is often considered a symbol of independence for both new and older drivers alike.  Your ability to go shopping, attend social functions, participate at places of worship, and engage in other activities daily without relying on anyone else provides freedom and independence. The decision to give up one’s car keys can be a highly charged and emotional topic in...

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Phone: (716) 858-8526

Erie County Department of Senior Services
95 Franklin Street, 13th Floor
Buffalo, New York 14202