Unsafe Driving Check List

If any of these apply, you should consider taking appropriate action. If after checking through the list you feel action needs to be taken, look at the Family Action Flowchart and/or check out the Department of Motor Vehicle Request for Driver Review form.

  • Doesn't obey other traffic signs (no left turn, no turn on red, etc.)
  • Drives too slowly—usually well below the speed limit
  • Gets lost routinely—is taking 2 hours to get to the hairdresser or home
  • Drives aggressively
  • Stops inappropriately
  • Doesn't pay attention to other vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, road hazards
  • Doesn't stay in lane when turning and driving straight
  • Driver's spouse, companion, driver's friends, or passengers repeatedly comment about close calls, near misses, driver not seeing other vehicles or unsafe driving
  • Has been involved in multiple fender benders
  • Has been ticketed for moving violations
  • Gets honked at often

From LePore, P.R. When You Are Concerned - A handbook for families, friends and caregivers worried about the safety of an aging driver. Albany: New York State Office for the Aging, p 21.


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