Call Before You Dig!

Before you dig, contact Dig Safely New York, they are the Underground Facilities Protective Organization (UFPO) at 1-800-962-7962 or IT'S THE LAW! You must call for a stake-out request at least 2 working days, but not more than 10 working days before any excavation starts (excluding weekends and holidays). This organization will notify all utilities to mark their locations in the area to be excavated.


Phone: (716) 858-8383 (8:00AM-4:00PM: Voicemail available after hours for non-emergencies)
24-hour emergency service: (716) 823-8188 (4:00PM-8:00AM)

Environment and Planning
Edward A Rath County Office Building
95 Franklin Street, 10th Floor - Room 1034
Buffalo, New York 14202

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