Senior Speech Pathologist - PROMOTIONAL

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Senior Speech Pathologist - PROMOTIONAL

#31-251 - Promotional (for current employees only)

Salary: $66,028 - $72,900 Annually
Application fee: $15.00

Residence Requirements:


If you pass the examination, your name will appear on the continuous eligible list for one year.  After one year, your name will be removed from the list.  You may apply for retest at six month intervals.


QUALIFYING EXPERIENCE FOR TAKING THE TEST: Candidates must be permanently employed in the competitive class and must be serving and have served continuously on a permanent or contingent permanent basis in the competitive class for 12 months immediately preceding  in the position of Speech Pathologist  and in addition meets the following: 

Possession of a Certificate of Clinical Competence as issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association at the time of appointment.

Examples of Duties:

Senior Speech Pathologist supervises and provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of language, voice and speech disorders at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Erie County Medical Center Corporation;

Provides speech pathology treatment services in accordance with accepted professional standards and practices including muscular coordination exercises, sensory stimulation and association training and language development activities using electronic equipment;
Evaluates the degree of function and disability of patients/residents unless contra-indicated by professional judgment or by the attending physician;
Plans and develops remedial programs designed to restore or improve communication efficiency;
Maintains program records including but not limited to service budget, monthly statistical reports, listing the number of patients/residents treated, admitted and discharged, evaluations, re-evaluation, types of conditions seen and number of patients/residents on a waiting list for evaluations or treatment programs;
Consults with Medical Director on subjects of a professional medical nature;
Integrates treatment plans into total care plans in consultation with patients/residents, physician and other personnel providing patient care;
Participates in patient/resident care review conferences;
Initiates and attends conferences with the administrator, physicians and other facility staff to interpret the functions of the speech pathology service and its relationship with other patient/resident care services;
Orders and maintains departmental supplies and equipment;
Develops or assists in the development of speech pathology policies and procedures;
Participates in the selection of all personnel involved in the speech pathology service, assigns their duties and provides supervision;
Records on patients’/residents’ charts all evaluations, re-evaluation, progress notes, consultations and discharge summaries;
Assists in the development of and participates in the facility’s in-service education program.

Subjects of Examination:

SUBJECT OF EXAMINATION:   The only subject of examination will be an evaluation of your training and experience.  You are therefore, asked to include in your application a summary of all pertinent training and experience in sufficient detail so that your background may be evaluated against the duties of the position.

In your summary of training include all college course work, formal in-service training, and seminars you have attended.  You must specify either the number of credits received or the number of contact hours and dates of attendance.  Also include a copy of your professional license.  Specify the date that your license was first issued.

In your summary of experience, you must specify the dates of your employment, the number of hours worked per week, your title, and the main duties for each.  Be specific; vagueness and ambiguity will NOT be resolved in your favor.  Candidates who submit incomplete applications or documentation may be disqualified.


This examination is prepared by the New York State Department of Civil Service and held in compliance with the New York State Civil Service Law and the rules and regulations of the New York State Department of Civil Service.


A $15.00 filing fee is required for this exam. The required fee must accompany your application. Send or bring check or money order made payable to Erie County Personnel Department and write the examination number(s) on your check or money order. Do not send or bring cash, as the County cannot be responsible for cash payment. As no refund will be made, you are urged to compare your qualifications carefully with the requirements for admission and file only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified.

WHERE TO APPLY:  You must obtain Form P.O. 31X, “Erie County Application for Examination or Appointment” at the Erie County Civil Service Commission/Personnel Office web site located at  Click on “Civil Service Jobs”.  If you do not have internet access you may pick up an application form at the Erie CountyPersonnel Department,95 Franklin Street, Room 604,Buffalo,New York 14202.  Forms are also available atBuffalo and Erie County Public Libraries and at Town, Village andSchool District administrative offices.



Unless otherwise indicated, the eligible list resulting from this examination will have a duration of four years and will not supersede existing promotional lists, if any.

RATINGS REQUIRED:  Test is rated on a scale of 100 with a passing mark at 70.  Test instructions may further divide the tests into parts and set minimum standards for each part.

Points will be added to scores of candidates who achieve a passing mark as follows: Seniority:  For each year of service in the classified service:

Less than 1 year……………………..................…0 points

1 year up to 6 years…………….…........................1 point

Over 6 years up to 11 years.....………......….........2 points

Over 11 years up to 16 years….…........….........…3 points

Over 16 years up to 21 years………..................…4 points

Over 21 years………………………..................…5 points

VETERANS:  Disabled and non-disabled veterans as defined in Section 85, New York State Civil Service Law, will have 5 and 2.5 points, respectively added to their earned scores if successful in the examination.  You must claim these credits when you file application but you have an option to waive them any time prior to appointment.  If you have already used these credits for a permanent position in NYS, you may not claim them again.