Senior Human Resources Specialist-ECMC

Modified: February 9, 2018 3:43pm

invites applications for the position of:

Senior Human Resources Specialist-ECMC

#67-409 - Open Competitive (open to the public)

Salary: $76,500 - $93,500 Annually
Opening Date: February 9, 2018
Closing Date: March 14, 2018
Application fee: $20.00

Residence Requirements:

THERE ARE NO RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THIS EXAMINATION. There is one anticipated vacancy at the Erie County Medical Center Corporation.

Examples of Duties:

Senior Human Resources Specialist-ECMC  conducts and oversees the development and delivery of progressive human resources services, organization development and leadership to management and employees for achieving corporate business objectives in assigned departments/units at the Erie County Medical Center Corporation;

Supervises lower-level Human Resources staff and their work activities;

Develops performance competencies and evaluates work performance of lower-level Human Resources staff;

Develops and administers trainings to ECMCC staff on a variety of subjects as needed;

Ensures compliance with and enforces adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local legal requirements, accreditation agency standards and ECMCC hiring policies and financial approval; advises appropriate personnel on needed actions for ensuring compliance;

Develops and implements a variety of strategic Human Resources initiatives in areas such as organizational design/development, change management, recruitment and selection, compensation, performance management, management/employee development, employee relations, Civil Service and interpretation and implementation of policies, laws and various standards;

Develops and implements strategies to incorporate ECMCC culture initiatives in values and patient experience standards;

Develops strategies with appropriate departmental/unit personnel and business partners for identifying potential candidates to meet organizational staffing needs;

Reviews and advises on the organizational structure by updating and/or making recommendations on job requirements;

Leads and oversees employee relations investigations; develops recommendations for remedy and pro-active steps to avoid recurring issues;

Serves as a resource on matters regarding needs and objectives of assigned department/unit, performance management, individual development, interpretation of policies, legal, labor, Civil Service and compliance matters;

Participates in developing workforce staffing plans, business strategy as it relates to workforce functions and staffing needs and recruitment and retention strategies and activities; Utilizes a human resources information system (HRIS) to extract data using queries and reports, perform analysis of data and provide recommendations based on such analysis;

Participates in the development of data and proposals for collective bargaining agreements;

Works in conjunction with Director of Employee Health and Safety regarding the Worker’s Compensation program, sick leave and family medical leaves of absence to proactively address issues that may lead to increased leave occurrences;

Makes recommendations and develops strategies for reducing leave time;

Develops strategies to improve employee safety and patient safe handling;

Leads, participates in and may organize meetings, conferences, committees, in-services, trainings, educational opportunities, professional organizations and networking events.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Candidates must meet one of the following requirements on or before the date of the written test: 

A.) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management, Business or Public Administration or closely related field and five (5) years of professional* Human Resources or Personnel experience; or:

B.) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management, Business or Public Administration or closely related field and seven (7) years of professional* Human Resources or Personnel experience; or:

C.) An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).


1.  Professional experience is experience which requires specialized and theoretical knowledge usually acquired through college education or through that experience and other training which provides comparable knowledge. Professional experience in general involves independence of action and personal responsibility for actions.

2. Verifiable part-time and/or volunteer experience will be pro-rated toward meeting the full-time experience requirements.

3. Your degree and/or college credit must have been awarded by a regionally accredited college or university or one recognized by the New York State Education Department as following acceptable educational practices. A grade of "D" or better is necessary for a course to be credited as successfully completed. If your degree and/or college credit was awarded by an educational institution outside of the United States and its territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency. You can write to this Department for a list of acceptable companies providing this service; you must pay the required evaluation fee.

Notice to Candidates: Transcripts will now be accepted by the Department of Personnel ONLY at time of application.
All subsequent transcripts must be submitted at time of interview.

Examination date:

April 21, 2018

Applications Must Be Postmarked or Hand Delivered By:

March 14, 2018

The New York State Department of Civil Service has not prepared a test guide for this examination. However,candidates may find information in the publication "How to take a written test" helpful in preparing for this test. This publication is available on line at:


Subjects of Examination:

SUBJECTS OF EXAMINATION: A written test designed to evaluate knowledge, skills and /or abilities in the following areas:

1. Administrative techniques and practices

These questions test for a knowledge of management techniques and practices used in directing or assisting in directing a program component or an organizational segment. Questions cover such areas as interpreting policies, making decisions based on the context of the position in the organization, coordinating programs or projects, communicating with employees or the public, planning employee training, and researching and evaluating areas of concern.

2. Administering a negotiated labor agreement

These questions test for a knowledge of labor/management issues relating to the administration of a negotiated labor agreement and the ability to interpret and apply the terms and conditions of the agreement. Questions may cover such areas as dealing with representatives of employee unions, employee grievances, disciplinary actions, arbitration, employee leave policy, performance evaluations, training, employee assistance programs, health and safety matters, layoff procedures, health insurance benefits, and salary adjustments.

3. Public personnel administration

These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices used in applying New York State, federal, and local laws, rules, and policies to situations encountered in planning and executing the personnel functions in a government agency. Questions may cover such areas as recruitment, selection, and placement; position classification; performance evaluation; and employee relations.

4. Supervision

These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed in planning, organizing, and controlling the activities of a work unit toward predetermined objectives. The concepts covered, usually in a situational question format, include such topics as assigning and reviewing work; evaluating performance; maintaining work standards; motivating and developing subordinates; implementing procedural change; increasing efficiency; and dealing with problems of absenteeism, morale, and discipline. 

NOTICE TO CANDIDATES: Unless otherwise noted, candidates are permitted to use quiet, hand held, solar or battery powered calculators. Devices with typewriter keyboards, "Spell Checkers", “Personal Digital Assistants", "Address Books", "Language Translators", "Dictionaries", or any similar devices are prohibited. You may not bring books or other reference materials.


A $20.00 filing fee is required for this exam. The required fee must accompany your application. Send or bring check or money order made payable to Erie County Personnel Department and write the examination number(s) on your check or money order. Do not send or bring cash, as the County cannot be responsible for cash payment. As no refund will be made, you are urged to compare your qualifications carefully with the requirements for admission and file only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified.