2017 EMC Environmental Excellence Awards Program

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Erie County Environmental Management Council

2017 Environmental Excellence Award Winners


The purpose of the awards is to showcase municipal and not-for-profit projects that can be replicated in communities across Erie County and beyond.

This year’s winners are: 

  • GObike Buffalo
  • Natual Habitat Pocket Parks
  • WNY Earth Day
  • WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable


GoBikeBuffaloLogoGObike Buffalo 

GObike and the City of Buffalo have produced and adopted two major infrastructure plans: Complete Streets and Buffalo Bike master plan that are transforming the city.  The Complete Street project has used the very best practices to greatly improve the environment and quality of life in Buffalo and Erie County. As part of this work, permeable sidewalks and rain gardens were installed to better absorb water runoff; and 28,000 street trees were planted that improve air quality, offer shade and absorb water.


NaturalHabitatParksNatural Habitat Pocket Parks

Over the years, Erie County government has worked with its partners to help restore the Buffalo River. Recently Erie County has made significant progress restoring 4 pocket parks along the Buffalo River. Erie County Department of Environment and Planning staff, in particular Vicki Haas, has secured federal Great Lake Restoration Initiative Funding to make this work a reality. The restoration work at these habitat parks not only provide access to the River, but they also help to improve water quality and provide habitat for wildlife, including pollinators.


WNYEarthDayLogoWNY Earth Day

For more than 15 years, the WNY Earth Day organization has been made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who are educating the future stewards of a healthy WNY environment. Every year they hold an annual event - Party for the Planet at the Buffalo Zoo, where children and their families learn about the conservation of Earth’s resources.  Held in June, not on Earth Day April 22, this event has developed a broader message for the participants - Make Every Day Earth Day.



SBRLogoWNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

The WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable is a “business-driven” organization focused on creating an environmentally and economically resilient Buffalo-Niagara through business innovation, knowledge, and co-operation. Leveraging the collective knowledge from diverse business sectors, the Roundtable offers members practical advice, inspiration, and access to tools that can be implemented to: reduce waste and pollution, protect our waterways, optimize use of energy and materials; and invest in our communities.  Since its inception in 2014, the Roundtable has doubled in size and now has more than 70 members, who range from large companies like Coca Cola to small, local companies like Community Beer Works.

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