Niagara River Greenway Wayfinding Standards & Signage Manual

One of the fundamental objectives of the Niagara River Greenway Master Plan is to clearly convey the identity and whereabouts of the attractions within the NRG. The Plan proposed to use signage in a consistent manner throughout the Greenway in order to guide visitors in a systematic fashion. This has the dual advantage of promoting the Greenway and the diverse attractions within it.

The Wayfinding Standards and Signage Manual documents the effort to provide a consistent wayfinding approach for municipalities and attractions within the NRG. The standards aim to promote a uniform approach to environmental communications – both in the visual image projected by signage and its content. It will provide options for developing customized signage that reflects a high degree of shared visual characteristics for each family of signage elements that may be specified. Although the there is no obligation for stakeholders to utilize the design concepts and documentation contained in this Guideline, it can provide many advantages to those who may wish or need to specify and procure signage products.

The Manual provides:

  • Three unique approaches to the design of a signage system
  • Instructions on how to specify signage products to address a multitude of communication needs
  • Usage Criteria for all manner of identification, orientation, directional, information, interpretive and commemorative signage
  • A checklist for assisting in the selection colors, typefaces, and graphic motifs
  • Information on how to access a growing library of map graphics and legends to facilitate signage as well as print and electronic wayfinding
  • Recommendations for how to organize the purchase of a group of signs or procurement package
  • Information on signage companies in the region that can produce these products

Download the Niagara River Greenway Wayfinding Standards and Signage Manual.

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Supplemental Documents

Greenway Logo

Signage Options Worksheet

Signage Schedule Form

Manual Section 10 - Headwaters Map Legend (Email to obtain this Corel Draw File)

Manual Section 10 - Upper River Map Legend (Email to obtain this Corel Draw File)

Section 11 Sign Specifications

Post and Panel

Word Document (DOC) 

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Pylon Signage

Word Document (DOC)

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)


Word Document (DOC) 

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Wall Mounted Panel

Word Document (DOC)

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)


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