Erie County Arts & Cultural Advisory Board (EACAB)

The Erie County Arts & Cultural Advisory Board was reestablished in 2012 (Press Release) in accordance with §2205 of the County charter. The Board is composed of up to fifteen (“15”) members, with a balanced mix of financial, legal, academic, culture, and arts advocacy experience. They review applications for funding submitted annually by Erie County arts and cultural entities.

Overall funding goals include:
  1. To advise Erie County Government regarding the role of the County’s cultural agencies and their significance to its citizens, economy, and quality of life.
  2. To provide and advocate for equitable and effective processes and procedures for the distribution of County funds to cultural organizations.
  3. To foster the development and growth of vibrant, diverse, quality cultural agencies.
  4. To promote access to these cultural organizations to all County citizens and visitors regardless of their physical ability, economic group, or geographic location.
  5. To promote diversity in the cultural fabric of the Erie County community by encouraging representation of all diverse groups in the make-up and activities of these cultural organizations. This includes Board members, staff, volunteers, and programming.
  6. To require fiscal responsibility including a diversified funding base for all cultural organizations.

Last updated: January 30, 2020 11:34am