RFP #2021-026VF: Signage & Wayfinding Standards Manual, Implementation Plan, and Initial Phase Implementation Administration

Modified: March 16, 2021 2:07pm

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Erie County’s nearly 10,000 acre Park System was originally established in 1925. Comprised of 40 sites throughout the County, the system represents a diverse collection of natural resources, historic structures, and unique places within the Western New York Region. The lack of signage standards has resulted over the years in an uncoordinated mix of styles, sizes, and materials that fail to provide a recognizable identity for the County Parks.

The 2019 Parks Master Plan Update identified the need to develop a new signage system to update the existing signs to a more contemporary styling as appropriate depending on the park classification. The standards to be developed should be designed as a ‘family’ of signs using a consistent graphic style, the County Parks logo, and consider in-house capabilities as well as purchased signage. 

The Proposer will develop a Signage and Wayfinding Standards Manual (Task A), an Implementation Plan (organized by phases) (Task B), and conduct Construction Administration and Inspection (Task C) for the first phase of the Implementation Plan in accordance with the 2019 Parks Master Plan Update.

All firms wishing to participate in this process must register electronically to Mariely Ortiz, Senior Planner at Mariely.Ortiz@erie.gov. All further information and contact from Erie County will be sent electronically.

RFP Questions are due March 30, 2021

The RFP is due on April 19, 2021 by 2pm: One (1) original, six (6) print copies, and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format (formatted to print on standard letter size paper) on flash drive of the proposal are required. Submit cost proposal in a separate sealed envelope and as a separate pdf file in the flash drive along with the proposal for services. Proposals MUST be signed. Unsigned proposals will be rejected.


The full RFP can be found at erie.gov/purchasing