Watershed Management Plan


Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed Map with sub-watersheds

The New York State Department of State awarded Erie County $507,830 to expand the Niagara River Watershed Management Plan - Phase 1 (which was also known as "Healthy Niagara," completed by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper) to now include the rest of  the Lake Erie watershed. The “Regional Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed Management Plan - Phase 2” project took place from 2014-2019. Read the press release from the award of funding. Erie County worked with the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper (formerly Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper) to complete the project. The Phase 2 Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed Atlas and Bibliography supersedes the Phase 1 Atlas and the Regional Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed Management Plan - Phase 2 Watershed Characterization supersedes the Niagara River Watershed Management Plan - Phase 1 in that it includes the information from Phase 1 and expands it to include the new watershed area.

A one-page handout describing the grant is available for download

Community Outreach and Participation Plan was created to outline community engagement of stakeholders and the public.

Citizen's Guide for the public has been developed to summarize the Watershed Characterization Report.

  • As part of this Phase 2 project, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper created five in-depth Sub-watershed Implementation Plans from two years of field study for the following sub-watersheds: Upper Tonawanda Creek, Lower Tonawanda Creek, Buffalo River, Smoke(s) Creek, and Eighteenmile Creek. You can access the final draft reports from their website for Phase 2 work including water quality results and recommended actions in these sub-watersheds.


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For information on Phase 1 of the Watershed Management Plan, please visit Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper's Healthy Niagara website

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