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FROM THE ERIE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT & PLANNING (August 2021): Throughout the pandemic, the importance of agriculture has been highlighted again and again. From supply chain disruptions to lack of seasonal farm labor and the closure of in-person dining, the essential nature of providing healthy food to the community has never been more important.

In 2020, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz created the Office of Agriculture to address the loss of farmland, improve the viability of farming, and assist rural municipalities with planning for agriculture. While the creation of this Office predates the pandemic, its mission has only become more essential in the intervening months. “One of the most effective ways to help support the viability of farming is to promote the purchase of local and regional farm products, and to encourage all county residents to ‘buy local’” said County Executive Poloncarz. “Buying local fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, flowers, etc. not only supports our farmers and farm workers and helps to strengthen our local economy, it also provides a nourishing and healthy food supply that we all need in times like this”.

In order to facilitate this objective, the Office of Agriculture has created this Erie Grown website and the corresponding Erie Grown Passport. Erie Grown is Erie County's initiative to promote locally grown and in-season produce as well as maple syrup, honey, and agritourism activities. We hope to better connect consumers to farmers, farmers markets, and local foods by linking available goods with those who would like to buy them. What’s more, each time you visit a farmer on Erie Grown, you can earn Passport points and be eligible to win prizes!

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County Executive Director Diane Held said "Farms are essential businesses during this pandemic, and how fortunate we are to have farmers working every day producing a variety of farm products right here in our community. You have an opportunity to directly help the farmer in your town or in your city neighborhood. Check out Erie Grown and contact a nearby farm that is selling via phone, text, website, or curbside and remember to thank your local farmer!"

Are you a grower in Erie County and want to be included in our list of providers? Enroll here! Are you enrolled in Erie Grown and need to update your listing? Update here!

Please support our local agricultural community!

We have created a few tools below to assist:

Farm Locator

Erie Grown Locator Map

This map provides the location of various farm and agricultural-related businesses in Erie County . Type in your address and the map will show the agricultural businesses are nearest you. Explore the map to see what's open and what products are available! 

A table of all Erie Grown listings can be viewed by clicking the arrow at the bottom center of the map.

Make sure to mention and tag #ErieGrown when visiting a listed farm or agricultural-related business!


It is not the County’s intent to promote or advertise for any one business over another, but rather to provide a mechanism for farmers/producers to connect directly with customers and for customers to learn where they can find fresh local agricultural products. Omissions are not intended.


Fresh Produce Finder

Fresh Produce Finder

Want to know where to find local fruits and vegetables, and products like maple syrup? Use our searchable site to find where specific produce and agricultural products are available in our area.

Please note that certain items may not be available - check the months available to see when an item is in season.




Erie Grown Passport


Each time you visit a farm or farm-related business listed on Erie Grown, simply note the date visited next to the listing. If the listing is online only, please note the date of purchase. One entry per listing. You can print your own Passport by clicking here. You can participate using the online Passport here.

  1. Passports must be marked between March 15, 2021—December 15, 2021.
  2. One passport allowed per person. One entry allowed per listing.
  3. Be kind & make a purchase.
  4. Minimum of five (5) locations must be visited.
  5. Passports must be received by December 31, 2021.
  • Use the hashtag #eriegrown if posting on social media.
  • Always check that a listing is open before visiting.
  • Email agriculture@erie.gov for questions.
  • Be sure to wear a facial covering when visiting any of the listings and to follow all current guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Make sure you save the link emailed to you when you registered. This link allows you to repeatedly access your individualized Passport and update it as you visit more listings. Do not press "submit" on the Passport until you are ready to submit. Once submitted, you can no longer update the Passport. To save your progress, press "resume later" in the upper right of your screen. To update your Passport, use your unique link and press 'load unfinished survey' - also in the upper right of your screen. When ready to submit, simply press "submit".
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Additional Resources for Erie Grown Consumers

Farmers Markets by County
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Erie County Maple
Maple syrup produced at the Erie County Bureau of Forestry "Sugar Shanty" in Sardinia.

Resources for Agricultural Businesses

Additional links, information, and resources for our agricultural community

Erie County Office of Agriculture

The Office of Agriculture was created in 2020 to address the loss of farmland, improve the viability of farming, and assist rural municipalities with planning for agriculture.

Cornell Cooperative Extension - NY Extension Disaster Education Network

Sign up for email updates, webinars, and more.

FreshLocal NY

A Project of NY Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Buffalo and Erie County Food Policy Council 

Resources for farmers, growers, and producers.

Farm Aid

Resources for Farmers affected by COVID-19.

New York Farm Bureau COVID-19 Updates

Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, volunteer organization financed and controlled by member families for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agricultural industry. Information specific to Erie County's Farm Bureau is here.

American Farmland Trust

Since 1990, American Farmland Trust has worked tirelessly in New York to stop the loss of farms and farmland.

USDA Dept. of Agriculture, COVID-19

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

National Young Farmers Coalition

Check out our list of state resources to help farmers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes information on essential businesses, resources for employers, State Ag Department resources, and more.

Produce Peddlers

An online marketplace for bulk produce geared towards restaurants/large purchasers.


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Are you a grower in Erie County and want to be included in our list of providers? Enroll here! Are you enrolled in Erie Grown and need to update your listing? Update here!

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