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Council Structure

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Operating Principles

Guidance for Setting Up a Food Policy Council

Full Council

The Full Council is composed of 15-20 members with a mixture of appointed and stakeholder seats. The appointed seats represent government and municipal agencies whereas the stakeholder seats represent all sectors of the food system.

Standing Committees

The full Council is further broken down into permanent committees. Each member of the council is required to sit on at least one committee.

  • Executive: Consists of FPC Officers and are accountable for setting direction and managing the operations of the FPC.
  • Governance: Accountable for establishing bylaws and operational guidelines for how the FPC operates. Recruitment is a subcommittee of the Governance Committee.
  • Outreach: Accountable for building strategic relationships with other organizations and efforts in the community.
  • Food Action Plan: Oversee implementation of the Food Action Plan and serve as a liasion to the FPC and the Food Action Plan Working Groups.
Working Groups

Working groups are temporary, established based on community need, and are specific to an issue. 

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