Council Structure

Operating Principles

Guidance for Setting Up a Food Policy Council

Full Council

The Full Council is composed of 15-20 members with a mixture of appointed and stakeholder seats. The appointed seats represent government and municipal agencies whereas the stakeholder seats represent all sectors of the food system.

Standing Committees

The Full Council is further broken down into standing committees. Each member of the council is required to sit on at least one standing committee.

  • Policy: This committee is charged with monitoring the policy process in Buffalo and Erie County. Individuals on this committee are tasked with identifying relevant policy issues that the council needs to work on.
  • Community Engagement: This committee is charged with educating the community about what the FPC is, what it does and how to get in contact with members.
  • Advocacy and Justice: This committee is tasked with monitoring what other social justice groups are doing, and identifying issues related to food that affect under-represented and underserved groups. This committee also identifies opportunities for organizing campaigns related to food issues in the region.
Working Groups

Working groups are established based on community need and are specific to an issue. Working groups consist of a representative of each of the FPC standing committees as well as members from the community who are recognized experts on the policy/topic/subject of interest.

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