City of Tonawanda installs AED device at pavilion in Niawanda Park thanks to county partnership

Erie County Legislator Kevin Hardwick, City of Tonawanda Clerk Gayle Syposs and Tonawanda Fire Chief Charles B. Stuart announced Jan. 12, 2017 that a new AED device had been installed at the Niawanda Park Pavilion. A second device will be installed at the Kohler Pool.  

The AEDs were purchased through funding from the county. The final cost for the two AED devices was $1,790. With $1,500 allocated from Erie County, Legislator Hardwick personally paid for the difference to insure the AEDs were purchased and installed as soon as possible.

“The addition of these AEDs at the pavilion and pool could mean the difference between life and death in the case of an emergency. While everyone agrees that AEDs should be in as many public places as possible, they can be cost prohibitive, which is why I was happy that the county could partner with the city to provide funding for this critical purchase. Let’s hope we never have to use it but be glad it is there if we need to,” said Legislator Hardwick.   

“The City of Tonawanda and Parks and Recreation Director Amanda Lofft are appreciative of Legislator Hardwick’s assistance through funding from Erie County for the purchase of two AEDs to be placed at the Niawanda Park Pavilion and at Kohler Pool. These life saving devices will give the ability to help a person in medical need and solve the lack of them being available in these two public places. The units have both been delivered and will be installed at these two locations,” said Gayle Syposs, Clerk of the City of Tonawanda. 

“One of the leading causes of cardiac arrest is a lethal heart arrhythmia, known as ventricular fibrillation (VF).  This can be a secondary effect caused by a heart attack, electrocution, choking or even a congenital condition that a person may not be aware of.  Together with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation is the single most effective therapy to reverse cardiac arrest caused by VF but only if performed in a timely fashion.  Having these defibrillators placed where someone can access them immediately will greatly enhance the chance of survival for someone suffering from cardiac arrest,” said Fire Chief Charles B. Stuart.  

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