Concussion Law Training - Preventing Head Trauma from Concussions in Youth Sports


Pursuant to Local Law 3 of 2016, supervisors of youth contact sports leagues are required to take a concussion training course.

Contact and collision sports such as football, hockey, soccer and other sports, where head trauma can occur, have been an integral part of youth development. There is, however, growing evidence that concussions can cause negative long-term health consequences.

The intent of this legislation is to insure that all minors playing organized contact or collision youth sports that reside and participate in said sports within Erie County are properly supervised and that those who have been entrusted with the safety of minors are sufficiently trained in identifying concussion related symptoms.

Training and Certification 

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion.  Completing this free CDC on-line training satisfies the concussion training requirements for coaches in Erie County. 

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