Environmental Health

Environmental Health Division 
503 Kensington Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 961-6800
Fax: (716) 961-6880

Areas Served: All areas in Erie County, NY

For Emergencies after regular business hours: 716-961-7898

Environmental Health Public Health Sanitarians inspect for health hazards and advise on preventive measures to maintain a healthy environment.

Environmental health services include inspection of homes, schools, restaurants, children's' camps, swimming pools, beaches, septic systems, hotels/motels, rooming houses, campsites, mobile home parks, animal bites, smoking restrictions, day-care centers, tattoo parlors, and other businesses involved with food. Investigators investigate complaints concerning no water, lack of heat, improper venting, garbage, rodents and sewage.

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Phone: (716) 858-7690

Fax: (716) 858-8701

Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH)
95 Franklin Street
Buffalo, New York 14202

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