How can I find out if the house I am living in has ever been tested for Lead?

“Testing” for the presence of lead in a home generally refers to using an EPA approved testing method, such as dust sampling or a surface by surface paint inspection using an x-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF), to detect lead.  As part of the County’s lead poisoning prevention programs, the Department of Health (ECDOH) does sometimes test homes in Erie County. 

You can find out if Erie County has ever tested your home for lead, however, please be advised that Erie County has no information regarding any other lead testing that may or may not have been done at your address. 

In order to obtain information regarding ECDOH using dust samples or an XRF to confirm the presence of lead at your address, you must submit a Freedom of Information request (FOIL). 

Freedom of Information Request

  1. Go to this page 
  2. Select “Submit a Foil Request” 
  3. Select “Health” as the Department to send your request regarding lead testing 

Disclosure Rule

The owner/seller of a property is required by law to disclose the results of any lead testing done on the home to buyer/occupants. 

Your house may not have ever been tested for lead, but that doesn’t mean no lead is present. Anyone owning or living in pre-1978 housing should be aware of the potential danger of lead. The Erie County Sanitary Code established presumption of lead in pre-1978 housing requiring use of lead safe work practices when renovating repairing or painting. Every year hundreds of children are diagnosed with lead poisoning due to exposure to lead hazards during home repairs and renovations performed in pre-1978 housing without lead safe work practices. 

What are Lead Safe Work Practices? Do I have to use them?

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