Immunization Action Plan (IAP) - Bee Wise…Immunize!   
Program Overview   

  • Conduct education and outreach activities to inform health care professionals, day care providers and other interested groups about the benefits of up-to-date immunizations and vaccine preventable diseases for both adults and children.
  • Conduct assessments and follow-up visits with private health care providers and clinics for the purpose of assessing immunization levels of children and updates on immunization guidelines.
  • Assist providers with the NYS Immunization Information System functionality and entry of vaccine data.
  • Provide information for dissemination to new parents at Erie County Birthing hospitals.
  • Remember…Adults need vaccines too! Adult vaccines may be recommended depending on your age, life style, occupation and health risks. 
  • New parents and adults who anticipate contact with infants under 12 months should receive 1 dose of a pertussis containing vaccine (Tdap). 
  • Consult with your personal healthcare provider to see if you need vaccines! 
Local Resources and Immunization Clinics
Vaccines for Specific Groups
Individual Vaccines
Patient Satisfaction Survey
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