October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Modified: October 21, 2021 11:34am

In coordination with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Erie County Cancer Services Program (CSP) is urging women to talk to their health care providers about scheduling their mammograms. The CSP helps uninsured and underinsured women get free mammograms.

1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Delays in screening can mean that some breast cancers go undetected at earlier stages, when there are more treatment options and the potential for better outcomes. Make a plan to get a mammogram scheduled.

The CSP works with over 50 healthcare providers to offer breast cancer screening to eligible women ages 40 and older without health insurance in Erie County. If any follow-up testing is needed, the CSP will provide those tests too. If cancer is found, the CSP will help enroll people who are eligible in the NYS Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program for full Medicaid coverage during treatment.

Call the CSP at (716) 858-7376 or visit their website for more information about services and programs. In addition to breast cancer screening, the CSP provides cervical cancer screening to women ages 40 and older and colon cancer screening to men and women ages 50 and older. Some women and men should be tested at a younger age depending on their risk factors and any symptoms

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