National Environmental Education Week; To inspire environmental learning and encourage stewardship of our essential resources

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From the Office of the Commissioner of Health, Dr. Gale R. Burstein

Date: April 24, 2018

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National Environmental Education Week

To inspire environmental learning and encourage stewardship of our essential resources

ERIE COUNTY, NY—Monday, April 23 through Sunday, April 29, 2018 marks the 14th annual National Environmental Education Week (“EE Week”), a weeklong, nationwide celebration of environmental education. Each year, the National Environmental Education Foundation (“NEEF”) partners with educators, students, government agencies, businesses, communities, nonprofit organizations, and others to inspire environmental learning and encourage stewardship of our essential resources: land, air, and water. logo

This week, both individuals and organizations are asked to explore their own connections to the environment, showcase how they are making a difference on behalf of the environment, and share their stories to help others join the charge. The Erie County Department of Health’s (“ECDOH”) Division of Environmental Health works every day to protect the environment and educate the public about threats to our environment, both big and small.

“The more we understand about our connection to the environment, the more possibilities we have to influence how those connections impact our health and our planet,” said Dr. Gale Burstein, Erie County Commissioner of Health. “Our Environmental Health staff provides environmental education to our community on a daily basis. As people understand their relationship to the environment—its impact on us and, in turn, our impact on it—they become increasingly aware of how small, individual actions add up to a big difference. The healthier our environment, the healthier the people living in that environment will be.”

A sampling of services provided by ECDOH Environmental Health’s engineers, sanitarians, nurses, educators and vector control workers includes:

  • educate and motivate the public to prevent environmental hazards
  • inspect & test private drinking water wells to ensure the water system is not subject to contamination
  • monitor the local beaches’ water quality to ensure the water is safe for recreational swimming
  • educate the public about the dangers of lead poisoning, and how to safely renovate homes containing lead paint
  • ensure the proper design, construction & operation of onsite wastewater treatment systems (i.e., septic systems)
  • provide timely environmental health information in times of emergency
  • review plans and advise the public in environmentally safe construction, development and upgrades to facilities
  • assist in the control of disease-causing vectors (e.g., rats, mosquitoes, ticks)
  • inspect public pools for safety, emergency procedures and water quality
  • inspect restaurants to ensure they are following safe food handling and preparation practices

“Our Environmental Health staff work behind the scenes to keep both our environment and our residents safe. Most importantly, they help educate our residents to make changes in their daily habits and decisions so they can also help protect our environment. We are all in this together,” added Jennifer Delaney, P.E., Director of Environmental Health.

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