Erie County/Buffalo Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Committee

The next meeting of the Committee will be Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 3:00pm in the conference room at the Erie County Legislature.  This meeting will be for board members only.

The Erie County/Buffalo Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Committee was formed after Chairwoman Grant organized an anti-violence rally following a tragic shooting in her district in December. At the rally, she announced the formation of this ad-hoc committee, which will discuss how to create safer neighborhoods in high-crime areas of Western New York.

The 25-member, volunteer board is tasked with identifying the resources that high-crime neighborhoods need to improve, such as youth job training, counseling and mentoring for youth, and educational resources aimed at keeping youth in school and giving them the opportunity to use their education to find employment.

Current members of the committee are:

Chair - Jeffrey Conrad, Center for Employment Opportunities
Vice Chair - Timothy Hogues


  • Hon. Darius Pridgen, Buffalo Common Council
  • Hon. David Rivera, Buffalo Common Council
  • John Glascott, Commissioner of Erie County Central Police Services
  • Ted Hampton, Buffalo Special Police
  • Kenya Hobbs, Buffalo Promise Neighborhoods
  • Sherry Sherrill, County Every Vote, Buffalo
  • Jerome Dixon, Erie County Detention Center
  • Marilyn Gibson, Women Against Violence Everywhere
  • Beverly Newkirk, It Takes a Village Organization
  • Robert Harris, Youth Prison Prevention Project
  • Lesley Haynes, crisis intervention specialist
  • David Bradley, University Heights Collaborative
  • Eva Doyle, columnist and historian
  • Vicki Ross, Buffalo Peacekeepers
  • Murray Holman, Stop the Violence Coalition
  • George Johnson, Buffalo United Front
  • Paulette Woods, Erie County Probation Office
  • Dwayne Ferguson, MADD DADDS
  • Gregory Brice, Erie County Detention Center
  • Orlando Perez, SkyView Learning Group
  • Linwood Roberts, UB Community Relations Office
  • Pastor James Giles, Back to Basics
  • Broderick Cason, Univera Healthcare

For questions, please contact the Clerk at (716) 858-7500.