Advisory Committee on Reapportionment

A Letter to the Public:

The Advisory Committee on Reapportionment would like to thank all the members of the community that participated in the discussions and work of this Committee.

 There were many dedicated individuals who took time to attend numerous meetings and public hearings, to express their thoughts and concerns and to even draft their own versions of what they envisioned for the Legislative Districts for Erie County in the coming decade.

 We understand the time it took to be involved in such a hands on way in this process.  The work of this Committee, and the democratic form of government we have in Erie County, could not proceed with out the dedication of individuals such as those that were involved in the process with us.

 So again, we thank each of you for your work, your time and your commitment.  It is the civic engagement of the citizens like you in Erie County that makes our community strong and vibrant. 


Chairman Adam W. Perry
For the Erie County Advisory Committee on Reapportionment

Questions and Answers from Meeting #6 and final Public Hearing

Maps Submitted by Members of the Public

Maps submitted by Members of the Advisory Committee on Reapportionment

Submission deadlines, meeting dates, and announcement of a Public Hearing

Instructions for submission of maps to Advisory Committee by interested groups or individuals

Erie County Attorney Opinion Regarding NYS Prison Inmate Residency

The Advisory Committee on Reapportionment is created every 10 years for the purpose of creating a proposed local law establishing new Legislative Districts based on Census Bureau data.  Scroll down on this page to find meeting dates and press releases.

Section 210. Advisory committee on reapportionment reads:

During the first three months of the year following the year in which a federal decennial census is taken, an advisory committee shall be created to make recommendations to the county legislature on whether and how the county legislature should be reapportioned consistent with federal and state law. During the first two months the chairman of the county legislature shall give public notice of the intent to create such an advisory committee and shall invite interested persons and groups to inform the county legislature of their availability to serve on such an advisory committee. The county legislature shall appoint the advisory committee consisting of fifteen members, as follows: the chairman of the county legislature or his or her designee, the majority and minority leaders of the legislature or their designees, the commissioners of the board of elections or their designees, and ten residents of Erie county representing interested community groups, five of whom shall be appointed by the majority leader and five of whom shall be appointed by the minority leader. The chairman of the advisory committee shall be appointed by the chairman of the legislature. The advisory committee shall submit its final report to the county legislature within sixty days of its appointment or within sixty days of the official release of certified federal census data for Erie county, whichever is later. At any time prior to the expiration of this term, the county legislature may extend such term once, for a period not to exceed thirty days.
Amended by Local Law No. 7 1981.

Chairperson: Adam Perry

Appointed By: First/MI Last
Minority Leader John Mills Brian R.  Biggie
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Daniel M.  Boody
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Rev. Jeff E.  Carter, Jr.
Minority Leader John Mills Emilio  Colaiacovo
Minority Leader John Mills Jorge S.  de Rosas
Minority Leader John Mills Jonathan S.  Hickey
Minority Leader John Mills Martha  Lamparelli
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Jesse W.  Martin, Jr.
Chair Barbara Miller-Williams Adam W.  Perry
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Jonathan D.  Rivera
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Diane M.  Terranova
Majority Leader Maria Whyte Jeremy C.  Toth
Minority Leader John Mills Bryan  Wittmeyer
BOE Commissioner Dennis Ward
BOE Commissioner Ralph Mohr

Clerks: John C. Davis, Bryan Fiume and Scott Krull

Erie County Legislature Advisory Committee on Reapportionment Sets Meeting and Public Hearing Dates

 Buffalo, NY – The Erie County Legislature Advisory Committee on Reapportionment announced today a series of meetings that they will hold with regards to the redistricting process for Erie County.

 The Advisory Committee will hold its second meeting on Monday, March 21, 2011 at 5:00 P.M., followed immediately by a Public Hearing on the matter of redistricting. The meeting will be held in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin St., 4th Floor, Buffalo, N.Y.  The purpose of this meeting will be to advise the community of the process that the Advisory Committee will follow and to then hear from the community regarding matters of concern to them.

 The third meeting of the Advisory Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 10:30 A.M., also in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature. 

 The Advisory Committee will then hold three (3) Public Hearings on reapportionment at the campuses of Erie Community College on April 12th, 13th and 14th from 5:00 – 7:30 P.M.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend and speak to Committee Members about their priorities regarding the redistricting process.  The meetings will be held at the following locations:

 Tuesday, April 12th:  ECC City Campus Auditorium, 121 Ellicott St., Buffalo, N.Y.  14203                  

 Wednesday, April 13th:   ECC North Campus, 6205 Main St., Williamsville, N.Y.  14221 in K Bldg. (Kittinger Hall) Lecture Hall, Room 100.  (Enter off Youngs Rd. or Wehrle Dr.)

 Thursday, April 14th:  ECC South Campus Auditorium (Building 5), 4041 Southwestern Blvd., Orchard Park, N.Y.  14127                

 A fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 10:30 A.M. in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin St., 4th Floor, Buffalo, N.Y. 

 A page has been added to the Erie County Legislature’s website that includes information about the Advisory Committee on Reapportionment at:     

 Members of the public and the media are encouraged to visit the website for updates on the Advisory Committee’s schedule, and for minutes of previous meetings. 

 For additional information:   Please contact John Calvin Davis at 858-8807.

 For questions please contact the Clerk of the Legislature at (716) 858-7500


2010 Census Population Data for Erie County

Town/City Population

ALDEN 10,865

AMHERST 122,366

AURORA 13,782

BOSTON 8,023

BRANT 2,065

CATT RES 1,833

BUFFALO 261,310



COLDEN 3,265



C-TON 15,130

EDEN 7,688

ELMA 11,317

EVANS 16,356

GRAND IS 20,374

HAMBURG 56,936





N. COLLINS 3,523





T-TON 73,567

W. SENECA 44,711

WALES 3,005


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