Erie County Charter Revision Commission

Chairperson: Todd J. Aldinger
Vice-Chair: Joseph T. Burns
Secretary: Christina G. Holdsworth

Pursuant to Local Law 5 (2015) The Erie County Charter shall undergo a mandatory decennial review and the review shall commence by seating a Charter Review Commission by January 15, 2016, which shall report its recommendations to the Erie County Legislature no later than May 15, 2016. The Legislature shall take action on each recommendation within sixty (60) days of their submission.

The 2015 Erie County Charter is available here.

Current Erie County Charter is available here.

Recommendations acted upon by the Commission are available here.

Recommendations before the Commission are available here.

Members of the Commission:

Appointment Made By: Member:
Legislative District 1 Rashied McDuffie
Legislative District 2 Myra E. Robinson-Moses
Legislative District 3 Peter M. Kooshoian 
Legislative District 4 Peter J. Galie 
Legislative District 5 Jeanne M. Vinal
Legislative District 6 David Pollack 
Legislative District 7 Diana K. Cihak 
Legislative District 8 Keith E. Dash
Legislative District 9 Kenneth J. Farrell 
Legislative District 10 Timothy M. Hudson
Legislative District 11 Tara Cadmus
Chair of the Legislature Todd J. Aldinger
Comptroller Joseph T. Burns
County Clerk Mary A. Stang-Cooke
County Executive Matthew J. Kibler
County Executive Tiffany R. Perry
County Executive Sibu S. Nair
District Attorney Cheryl Meyers-Buth
Sheriff Christina G. Holdsworth