Green Action Community Subcommittee

JANUARY 28, 2009


Chairwoman Lynn M. Marinelli (D-Buffalo, Tonawanda) announced that pursuant to Rule 3.02 of the Rules of Order of the Erie County Legislature, she has created a new subcommittee of the Energy and Environment Committee and appointed Legislator Michele M. Iannello (D-Kenmore) as chairperson of the new Green Actions Community Subcommittee.

The mission of the new subcommittee is "To work and communicate with all municipalities to become the most Eco-friendly Community in Upstate New York."

"I am very excited about this new challenge, and I am anxious to get started," Legislator Iannello said. "I plan to work in conjunction with the Energy and Environment Committee of the Legislature in our efforts to make Erie County a model for other counties across the state."

"Erie County has passed many green initiative resolutions and local laws," Legislator Iannello added. "It will be our goal to identify and pass further 'green policy' initiatives including, but not limited to, green job development and a County-wide Green Energy Policy."

Other issues the subcommittee will be addressing include land use decisions and resource conservation, while educating the community on how they can contribute to the process of making Erie County a Green County.

"I am pleased that Legislator Iannello has accepted this leadership position in chairing the Green Actions Community Subcommittee.," Legislature Chair Marinelli said. "Green energy initiatives become more important to municipalities and having Legislator Iannello spearhead this effort will advance our agenda of energy and financial efficiency."

"I want to encourage community participation and will be inviting individuals of our established environmental groups to the table including the County's Department of Environment and Planning," Legislator Iannello said. "We will be taking steps to protect the health and quality of life for the residents of Erie County."

Our secondary objective will be to create a Sustainability Office where a person would monitor and track the implementation of the County's policies and actions. The officer would be responsible for calculating and measuring energy and cost savings to Erie County taxpayers.

People interested in participating can reach Legislator Iannello by email at or by calling her office at 873-3438.

Chairperson: Michele M. Iannello