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Agenda for Session No. 9 - May 12, 2022  - Meeting to Begin at 12:00 P.M.
Roll Call  
Invocation    Mr. Lorigo  
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Johnson

Tabled Items    

Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting   

Minutes of Previous Meetings –  Meeting No. 8

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
VINAL Honoring and Recognizing Diane K. and Richard A. Wojtowicz on Their Impact in Amherst & Williamsville
LORIGO, TODARO, GREENE & MILLS Proclaiming May 1-7, 2022 National Correctional Officers' Week in Erie County
LORIGO, TODARO, GREENE & MILLS Proclaiming May 15-21, 2022 as National Police Week in Erie County 
MILLS Honoring The Flower Shop at Runfola's Farm for Enriching the Community
MILLS Honoring Brian Christman on Opening of State Farm Insurance Agency
MILLS Honoring Ronald Salzman for 60 Years of Service to the Eden Volunteer Fire Company #1
MILLS Honoring Robert Stickney for 60 Years of Service to the Eden Volunteer Fire Company #1
JOHNSON Congratulating and Recognizing Primitivo "Tivo" Rodriguez on Completing His First Comic Book
BASKIN Congratulating and Recognizing Dr. Pat Freeman
GREENE Celebrating Hybrid Performance's First Anniversary in the Town of Amherst
TODARO In Memory of Albert Joseph Rinow, Sr.
TODARO  Honoring Manko Automotive for Its 70th Anniversary
TODARO Honoring Angela Stewart from the Lancaster Police Department
TODARO Honoring Sitzman's Appliance Center for Their Contributions to the Alden Community Since 1946
GREENE Recognizing and Honoring Richard and Diane Wojtowicz
GREENE Honoring Pure Water Technology of WNY During Drinking Water Week
LORIGO  Honoring and Recognizing Elaine Schlitz on Her Retirement
LORIGO  Honoring Jimmy Reidy for 60 Years of Service with the West Seneca Lions Club
GREENE  Recognizing and Honoring Erik Polkowski for His Service as an Akron School Board Member
LORIGO  Celebrating Herman "Pat" Pawlicki's 101st Birthday
LORIGO  Honoring and Recognizing Josh Dannecker as the 2021-22 All-Bee Coach of the Year
MEYERS  Recognizing and Honoring NYS Senator Timothy M. Kennedy on His Impact in the Town of Cheektowaga
BASKIN & GILMOUR Recognizing Apraxia Awareness Day
BASKIN  Celebrating, Honoring and Recognizing Dr. Kanasha L.N. Blue on Her Doctorate in Leadership and Policy from Niagara University
CHIMERA  Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week 2022
JOHNSON  Recognizing Military Appreciation Month 2022
BASKIN & CHIMERA Honoring National Foster Care Month
JOHNSON & BASKIN  Honoring National Lupus Awareness Month
BASKIN Honoring and Recognizing WNY Child Care Action Team on A Day Without Child Care


Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference


TODARO, GREENE, LORIGO & MILLS A Local Law Authorizing Twelve and Thirteen-Year-Old Licensed Hunters to Hunt Deer with a Firearm or Crossbow During Hunting Season with the Supervision of a Licensed Adult  Energy & Environment
TODARO, GREENE, LORIGO, MILLS, BASKIN, MEYERS, JOHNSON, CHIMERA, BARGNESI, VINAL & GILMOUR A Local Law Amending LL 3 (1997), as Amended by LL 5 (1997), Increasing the Threshold of Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans of the United States Armed Services Government Affairs
Committee Reports:      
Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 9-1 CHIMERA  Re-Appropriation of 2021 & 2022 Public Benefit Funding  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description From Committee

COMM. 6E-29 (2022)

COMPTROLLER  2022 Consolidated Bond Resolution Finance & Management
COMM. 8E-1 (2022) COUNTY EXECUTIVE  2021 Year-Ended Budget Balancing Amendments & Designations Finance & Management 
Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description  
COMM. 9E-20 BASKIN Letter to Leaders in Community Research  
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 9E-1 COMPTROLLER Dept. of Law Risk Retention Fund Spending - 02/2022 - 03/2022 Finance & Management
COMM. 9E-2 COMPTROLLER Interim Financial Report - First Quarter 2022 Finance & Management
COMM. 9E-3 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Submission Pursuant to EC Code of Ethics (Local Law #2 -2018), Disclosure of Family Members Employed by Any Government Organization RFP
COMM. 9E-4 BARGNESI Submission Pursuant to EC Code of Ethics (Local Law #2 -2018), Disclosure of Family Members Employed by Any Government Organization RFP
COMM. 9E-5 COMPTROLLER Response to Letter Concerning Borrowing Analysis for New Stadium Construction Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-6 COUNTY EXECUTIVE 2022 Public Works Projects - Authorization to Appropriate Funds & Enter into Contracts  
COMM. 9E-7 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Lakeshore Rd Rehabilitation & Drainage, Town of Evans Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-8  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Bridge Replacement, Town of Concord  Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-9  COUNTY EXECUTIVE   On-Call/Emergency Bridge & Culvert Engineering Services, Erie County  Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-10  COUNTY EXECUTIVE   SUNY Erie Classroom Infrastructure Improvements  Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-11  COUNTY EXECUTIVE   Increase Rental Line Budget in Buildings & Grounds Economic Development 
COMM. 9E-12  COUNTY EXECUTIVE   PILOT Agreement - Whitney Apartments Project, City of Buffalo   
COMM. 9E-13 COUNTY EXECUTIVE   Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance Coordinator Contract Energy & Environment
COMM. 9E-14 COUNTY EXECUTIVE NYS Clean Energy Internship Program Authorization Energy & Environment 
COMM. 9E-15 COUNTY EXECUTIVE ECSD No. 3 - Engineering Term Contract Agreement Energy & Environment 
COMM. 9E-16 COUNTY CLERK 2021 Annual Report Government Affairs 
COMM. 9E-17  COUNTY EXECUTIVE RENEW Plan Contracts Authorizations - Phase 3 Finance & Management
COMM. 9E-18 DISTRICT ATTORNEY Personnel Adjustment - District Attorney's Office  
COMM. 9E-19 CHIMERA Letter of Absence from Session 7 - April 7, 2022 RFP
Communications from the Departments:    

Item Number

Submitted By


COMM. 9D-1 COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SERVICES Child Protective Caseloads - 04/2022 Finance & Management
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference

COMM. 9M-1

JOMO AKONO Letter of Support for New Buffalo Bills Stadium Economic Development 

COMM. 9M-2

IUPAT DISTRICT COUNCIL 4 Letter of Support for New Buffalo Bills Stadium Economic Development
COMM. 9M-3 IBEW LOCAL 41 Letters of Support for New Buffalo Bills Stadium Economic Development 
COMM. 9M-4 ASSIGNED COUNSEL PROGRAM Quarterly Report for the First Quarter of 2022 Finance & Management
COMM. 9M-5 ECIDA ECIDA's 2021 Annual Audited Financial Statements Economic Development 
Memorial Resolutions  









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