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Older Adults - Potential Community Strategies and Initiatives

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Initiatives for Goal 1:

Older Adults will be able to maintain an active and stimulating social life as they age.
  1. Offer dinner at Senior Centers / Go Dine program
  2. Offer older adult technology training through Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Initiatives for Goal 2:

Erie County will be accessible to people of all ages
  1. Work with the ECIDA to create a policy requiring senior housing and other public spaces to meet universal design standards
  2. Create a Senior Transportation Council
  3. Perform a crowdsourced walk audit of all Erie County roadways in commercial or densely populated residential areas
  4. Develop and distribute a Senior Transportation Connector Card that lets older adults use numerous modes of transportation

Initiatives for Goal 3:

Older Adults will be able to maintain financial security throughout their lives.
  1. Create a Senior Homeshare matching program where older adults can share a home to split expenses and provide companionship
  2. Expand the Representative Payee program to provide benefit payment management for beneficiaries who are incapable of managing their Social Security payments
  3. Provide Medicare and Medicaid 101 training programs