Finance & Management Chairman Lorigo announces committee approves ‘Mimosa Resolution’

Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph C. Lorigo, Chairman of the Finance and Management Committee, announces that his committee voted today to approve a resolution that urges the New York State Assembly, Senate and Governor to remove the current statute that bans the sale of alcohol before noon on Sundays.


“I do not support government regulation of alcohol sales based on time of day or day of the week. Like most businesses, alcohol distributors, bars, restaurants, and store owners should be allowed to decide what is best for their private business. Additionally, I respect consumers’ right to make their own decisions; banning adults from purchasing alcohol before noon on Sundays is archaic. This specific ‘blue law’ is extremely outdated and unnecessary, and I urge our state government to repeal it,” said Majority Leader Lorigo.


NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Law dictates that alcohol shall not be sold before noon on Sundays and not before 8 a.m. the other six days of the week. The Erie County Legislature’s resolution encourages the state to repeal the statute, thus allowing for the sale of alcohol at 8 a.m. on Sundays. The resolution will be considered by the entire body of the Legislature at the Dec. 17 session.


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