Legislator Lorigo announces Elma CERT to receive trailer for storing critical equipment

Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo announces that Erie County is transferring a trailer to the Elma Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to be used for storage of Citizen Preparedness Equipment in support of CERT’s efforts to assist first responders and residents during emergencies.


“Elma CERT is extremely active and committed to educating town residents on how to be prepared in case of an emergency. I am pleased that Erie County is partnering with Elma CERT by supporting their efforts and providing much-needed equipment to help achieve their mission. I hope the trailer proves to be a great benefit to Elma CERT,” said Legislator Lorigo.


Erie County purchased the trailer in 2005 with State Homeland Security Program funds to store traffic incident management equipment.  It became necessary for Erie County to upgrade to a new, heavy-duty trailer, making this trailer available for transfer. In working with Elma CERT, the county’s Department of Emergency Services identified the trailer as suitable for CERT’s needs, and the transfer was approved 11-0 by the Legislature at the May 28, 2015 session.


“Elma CERT, Inc. would like to thank Erie County Emergency Services and the Erie County Legislature for the trailer.  It will help us better serve the community in times of need,” Michelle Kerr, President of Elma CERT, Inc.


“Elma CERT is grateful to Erie County for transferring this trailer to our team to store training supplies that are critical in supporting our mission. The trailer will allow us to compile all the tools we use into one space, ensuring we will have what we need when necessary,” added Edward R. Sauer, Elma Emergency Manager.   


CERT’s mission is to help citizens be better prepared to take care of themselves, family, friends, and neighbors in the event of a disaster of any type until emergency responders arrive. CERT recognizes that a prepared community is less of a strain on emergency services in a disaster situation. Elma Cert, Inc. strives to establish a Community Response Team as an emergency management resource, to develop a volunteer pool of citizens to help during an emergency, and to perform projects that improve a community’s preparedness. Elma CERT meets at 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month at the Elma Senior Center, 3007 Bowen Road, Elma. In July and August, the group meets at the Elma Town Hall, 1600 Bowen Road, Elma.


Legislator Lorigo is hopeful the trailer will be delivered in the near future to Elma CERT.


For additional information, or to speak with Legislator Lorigo, please contact his Legislative Office at 858-8922; email joseph.lorigo@erie.gov; or visit www.erie.gov/legislature/district10.

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