Legislator Lorigo hopes explanation for withdrawal of commissioner’s appointment can ensure productive searches going forward

The Erie County Legislature’s Majority Leader, Joseph C. Lorigo, sent a letter to the County Executive asking for further explanation concerning his withdrawal of Carol Dankert-Maurer’s name as Mental Health Commissioner. The County Executive withdrew the appointment a few days before the Legislature was set to vote on his recommendation, after the Health and Human Services Committee had met with Dankert-Maurer for over an hour to discuss her qualifications.


“In response to the County Executive’s abrupt action to withdraw the Commissioner’s recommendation, I sent a letter to his office requesting further explanation. Until this past Monday, the County Executive said he had complete faith in his appointment and supported Ms. Dankert-Maurer as Commissioner of Mental Health. His about-face left many of the Legislators wondering if he did not in fact support her as strongly as he indicated,” said Majority Leader Lorigo. “The fact is we need someone who is qualified to run the Department of Mental Health, as well as the Department of Social Services. These are two critical departments and I want to know that going forward the County Executive is putting forward qualified individuals. The circumstances surrounding the recommended appointment of Ms. Dankert-Maurer are concerning and I would like to hear from the County Executive to ensure we are conducting thorough searches for these positions and that he isn’t putting forward a candidate he will later chose not to support.”


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