Legislator Lorigo introduces local law to impose term limits, excludes exemption clause

Erie County Legislator Joseph Lorigo is sponsoring a local law that would account for years served if the Legislature passes a local law to impose term limits on Erie County elected officials. To review the local law, please CLICK HERE. 


Currently the Legislature is considering a local law that would limit the Legislature, County Executive and Comptroller to 12 years of service. However, the law would not account for the total numbers of years served by current elected officials, thus allowing those who now hold the seat to serve longer than the proposed law would allow for future officials.


“Members of the Erie County Legislature have proposed a local law that would impose term limits on certain County officials, including Legislators, pending approval by voters. While I support putting this item before the public, I believe we should pass a law that does not exempt current elected officials. If we are going to limit the term of elected officials, then we must begin with ourselves,” said Legislator Lorigo. “It would be hypocritical to allow ourselves and the current County Executive and Comptroller to serve 14 or 16 years but limit future elected officials to only 12.”


Legislator Lorigo’s local law will be subject to a public hearing before being put to a vote by the Legislature.


“While some of my colleagues in the Erie County Legislature believe term limits are necessary to reduce the risk of corruption that has plagued Albany and Washington, D.C. I don’t believe Erie County suffers from the same issues. In fact, the percentage of past county officials who reached the proposed term limit allowance is minuscule. I believe that exempting ourselves sends the wrong message to our constituents, and clouds what it is we are attempting to accomplish. If 12 years is the benchmark for avoiding corruption, then it should apply to everyone, not just our successors,” said Legislator Lorigo. “As elected officials, I believe we should lead by example.  I cannot in good faith support a law that will prevent someone from having the same opportunity as me to serve in the future. Furthermore, I will never support a law that treats me differently than anyone I am elected to serve.”


For additional information, or to speak with Legislator Lorigo, please contact his Legislative Office at 858-8922; email joseph.lorigo@erie.gov; or visit www.erie.gov/legislature/district10.

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